Powerlink testing older transmission towers for asbestos


Powerlink has begun contacting landholders with older transmission towers on their properties to advise that testing for asbestos may be undertaken.

The State Government Owned corporation says some older transmission towers on Powerlink's network have been found to have paint containing asbestos on the lower section of the tower, up to about two metres above ground.

“The paint containing asbestos was applied prior to 2004 before the use of asbestos in Australia was banned,” the corporation says.

Powerlink asbestos
Powerlink will test older transmission towers for asbestos paint.

Powerlink has engaged a contractor who will access towers and safely remove a small section of paint for laboratory testing.

This activity has been assessed as very low risk to both the worker undertaking the task and the wider community.

Powerlink will manage any towers identified as having paint containing asbestos in accordance with its Asbestos Management Plan and consider appropriate management or remediation options.

Powerlink will notify affected landholders that testing will occur.

“It is important to note that paint containing asbestos is unlikely to pose any risk to people living and working near the identified towers if it is left undisturbed,” the letter states.

For more information call 1800 635 369.

Powerlink delivers electricity to almost four million people across its 1700km transmission network.