Nardoo Nursery blooms for Community Lifestyle Support

Nardoo Nursery blooms
Beautiful plants for just $5. Volunteers Lorraine Burnage (left) and Karen Wegert with a selection of plants that go on sale on Monday at Nardoo Nursery, an initiative of Community Lifestyle Support.

Therapy comes in many forms for the clients of Bundaberg Community Lifestyle Support.

There are Shetland ponies, yoga chickens, vegetable and fruit gardens and now a brand new fully registered nursery.

Nardoo Nursery is the end result of two year’s work by Anne Dadies, a qualified horticulturalist who has managed, with the assistance of good friend Lynn McCartney and volunteers, to create a fully functioning nursery.

“Over the past two years we have designed garden areas and transformed the surrounds of the facility through planned landscaping,” said Anne.

That two years of tending plants has now provided the Support Centre with the opportunity to open its own nursery.

“Nardoo Nursery is now stocked with an array of beautiful plants – perennials, shrubs, flowering plants and succulents. Everything is grown from cuttings thanks to the wonderful help we receive from our community volunteers,” said Anne.

Watch chickens while doing yoga

“The nursery along with several other initiatives provide the clients with options regarding a choice of therapy avenues.

“We have a garden dedicated to yoga but with the addition of a chicken run and chickens that wander the garden as participants are undertaking their yoga exercises.

“The nursery and other gardening pursuits provide a great experience for a number of clients who like doing everything from weeding, potting plants to mowing the lawns. Our volunteers also seem to revel in the enjoyment gardening brings.”

Fully supporting that notion are volunteers Lorraine Burnage and Karen Wegert who admit to being avid gardeners.

“Among the volunteers we have some of the best ‘green thumbs’ from across the Bundaberg Region,” said Karen.

“It’s really rewarding to see the results of the effort that has gone into developing the fruit and vegetable gardens as well as all the landscaped areas and now the nursery.”

He’s a real trick! “Yogi” who keeps the team at Bundaberg Community Lifestyle Support entertained with his antics pictured with gardens team member Anne Dadies.

Adding a playful dimension to the work of the gardeners is “Yogi”, the resident kelpie cross.

“He’s a real larrikin,” said Anne. “He seems to know when it’s smoko time and he definitely knows when there’s cake on the table.”

Anne said the volunteers had been working hard to ensure there was plenty of stock currently in the nursery.

“We will be conducting our first plant sale from next Monday March 25 through to Friday April 4. The plants are excellent value – all in 140mm pots – for just $5. Buy five and we will give you an extra one free.”

Nardoo Nursery is located at Community Lifestyle Support at 48 Ashfield Road, Kalkie. Sale hours are 8am until 2pm Monday to Friday.