Tech Talk: Apple Show Time event highlights streaming service


Over the last week we have seen releases from Apple in terms of updated hardware in their product line up.

apple show time

This included changes to the iPad range, iMac refresh and finally an AirPod refresh also.

This was all trickled out over a few days to make way for the big 25 March event – Apple Show Time!

For a change, the focus on Tim Cook’s keynote was not on the tech, tools and toys – but all about services.

The all new lineup of services includes Apple TV Plus, News Plus, Arcade and the all new Apple Credit Card (currently US only).

Apple Show Time
Updated hardware and new services are a big focus for Apple this month.

Apple TV: What is it?

Apple TV Plus is not a large version of the Apple TV, in fact it isn’t an Apple TV at all.

This is the brand new streaming service from Apple to compete with the likes of Stan and Netflix and probably the most exciting part of this release.

If you think back about the music industry, the introduction of iTunes was a game changer and this is what Apple is wanting to do again.

With a huge bankroll and massive brand influence they are well positioned.

Moving on to News Plus, Apple also released a premium subscription news service which will collaborate with key industry players with a goal to disrupt the media industry.

We aren’t yet sure what this will mean for Aussies but we are keeping an ear to the ground.

To Arcade, we know this gaming market is a huge growth sector and not only for our youth.

This service will be designed as a subscription service to give members access to games on the App Store across their devices.

Apple is also planning on having exclusive titles that can only be accessed through this service, thus if you want that game you need this service.

Apple credit card

Finally and the announcement that is strangest from a tech company, the Apple credit card.

Yes they have partnered with Goldman Sachs, but they are having a good whack at pushing into this sector.

You can get a “no card” card for those Apple Pay fans.

If you want the actual card, well it is a laser etched titanium version because that is how they roll.

These releases are continuing down the recurring revenue subscription model that Apple have been pursuing these past years and are a sign of growth in this space.

The good thing is that this competition will mean more content and services for the consumer – let’s hope that Australian’s don’t miss out.

More information to be released soon from Apple so keep an eye out.