Bundaberg Easter weekend workers thanked


Spare a thought for police officers, nurses, paramedics and others who are working over Easter while the rest of us enjoy a long weekend.

This post from Bundaberg Police caught our attention as a fun way of letting everyone know their job carries on.

Bundaberg Easter weekend
Constable Anderson from Bundaberg Police solves a mysterious case involving Easter Eggs. Photo: Bundaberg Police

“Police were called to investigate strange footprints and a trail of egg-shaped items at the front of the Bundaberg Police Station overnight.

“After careful analysis by Constable Anderson, the Bundaberg officers came to the conclusion that the prints were made by a large oversized bunny!

“Police allege that the Easter Bunny may have intended to make an early surprise visit to the station.

“However, Constable Anderson believes that they may have been startled and hopped off before making it inside, dropping some chocolate treats in the process.

“Officers would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the Easter Bunny hopping around the Bundaberg area as we would like to thank him for the delicious treats,” Constable Anderson said.

Former police officer and now Bundaberg Region Mayor, Jack Dempsey, said he would like to thank all essential services employees for working on public holidays.

“As community members we're grateful to everyone who works over Easter, whether it's a petrol station, cafe, bakery or any service the public expects to have provided,” he said.

“There are also people working in aged care, cleaners, security guards, motels and others. Thank you.

“I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the Easter break with family and friends.

“On behalf of the Bundaberg Region community, I thank everyone who's working this weekend for providing us with services and keeping us safe. You're all wonderful!”


  1. We went for a drive today out to the boat ramp over on Fair mead road and the bunny was sitting on the side of the road looking a little lost. I asked him if he needed a lift and he just took off. He had a lot of white stuff on his feet but left nothing behind for us, so I assume he left all the eggs he had back at the police station, so I would enjoy them if I was you guys at the station.

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