Crushing season begins: Be alert for cane trains

Crushing season begins
Monday, 1 July is the first day of the 2019 sugarcane harvest in the Bundaberg Region. Source: Bundaberg Canegrowers

Crushing season started today in the Bundaberg Region and with it came a safety warning for motorists to be wary of cane trains and slow-moving vehicles.

Bundaberg Canegrowers chairman Allan Dingle said while this year's season is expected to be shorter than usual, it will still be a busy time on the roads.

“Crushing season commenced at 8am today at both mills and there are already heavy, slow-moving vehicles on the roads,” he said.

“Over the next 20 weeks or so there will be harvesters, hauling equipment and more.”

Mr Dingle said it was imperative for motorists to be vigilant and patient, especially around the cane train lines.

“In the past there have been some accidents and quite a few near misses,” he said.

“These locomotives operate 24/7 and often at random times, hauling 4000 tonnes of cane.

“It is very difficult for the drivers to stop these locomotives suddenly so please, don't try and beat the train. Keep an eye out and be vigilant.”