Artist appears in national magazine as ‘thought leader’

Jane Marin
Bundaberg artist and illustrator Jane Marin has been chosen to appear in the national magazine, YMag, as one of eight Thought Leaders.

Bundaberg artist and illustrator Jane Marin has been chosen to appear in the national magazine, YMag, as one of eight Thought Leaders.

Jane said it was a privilege to be featured in a publication that presented stories that connected, inspired and educated female entrepreneurs around Australia.

“It is very exciting to be chosen as a Thought Leader and in a way a dream come true,” Jane said.

Jane was born in the United Kingdom and has lived on a sugarcane farm in Bundaberg, with her husband and childhood sweetheart Livio, since 1976.

The mother-of-two said as an introvert it was challenging to put herself, and her artwork, “out there” as she had a “fear of being visible” and always tended to hide herself away.

YMag thought leader a ‘go-to person'

Jane said being a Thought Leader meant having an informed opinion and being recognised as a go-to person in their field of expertise.

She said Thought Leaders were trusted sources who moved and inspired people with innovative ideas, turning these ideas into reality and showing others how to replicate their success.

YMag thought Leader Jane Marin
Bundaberg artist and illustrator Jane Marin said she creates pieces of artwork around energy. Jane will appear in YMag as a ‘Thought Leader'.

“I have used my art and creativity to learn and heal from a damaged childhood and long standing illness, depression and anxiety,” Jane said.

“My goal in life from a very young age (about the age of six) was to find out the meaning, or the why, of life and to teach others to do the same.

“Thus, helping them to avoid the path that I had to travel to learn it.”

Jane said her art wasn’t mainstream and she didn’t paint from her own emotions or from what she saw.  

“My paintings are what I would call clean. They are created for healing in some way, so have nothing to do with my state of mind or the way I’m feeling,” Jane said.

“They have light, bright clear colours, symbols and energy infused within them.

“I don’t know where they come from, but sometimes it’s a thought and other times they just evolve.”

She said when painting people she would paint their energy rather than their appearance.

YMag founder loves Jane's work

Jane said Ymag founder Shar Moore loved her work and thought it was time that it was seen by a wider audience.

“She said that she felt it should be hanging on the walls of women all over the world,” Jane said.  

“I have never met her, but joined her mentoring program late last year.”

Being one of the eight Thought Leaders will now give Jane the opportunity to attend and speak briefly at the YFactor Conference on the Gold Coast in September.

The magazine can be found in all newsagents and airports or online.

Jane said anyone interested in learning more about art and healing could attend one of her workshops that are held on her sugarcane farm, Wattle Cottage, at Alloway.

“It is beautifully quiet and peaceful. The perfect place to sit and paint,” she said.

“Workshops are small, I limit them to six participants to ensure that everyone gets the help and attention they need.

“Workshops run for half or full day and are designed for any level of ability, even if you have never done any art before.”

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