Reef Guardian students to open Oceanfest Reef Room

Oceanfest Reef Room
Kalkie State School student Ryder Warren is proud to open the Reef Room at Oceanfest.

Reef Guardian School Kalkie State School is proud to be opening the new attraction at Oceanfest on Saturday 24 August 11am.

“The Reef Room”, sponsored by Gladstone Ports Corporation, will showcase education and environmental awareness through guest speakers and excellent work of local citizens.

Year five student Ethan Smith is excited about the opportunity.

“We are honoured to speak at the new Reef Room and are excited to tell people about the great work our Great Barrier Reef Reef Guardian Schools do,” Ethan said.

“Our ‘Fantasic Not Plastic’ cotton shopping bags will be on display at Oceanfest and we have some that people can decorate themselves and take home,” he said.

Luisa Morrison-Pelusi, from year two, hoped the Oceanfest Reef Room would encourage people to protect the reef.

“If everyone does something to help the environment, like picking up rubbish at the beach or choosing alternatives to plastic, it would make a big difference,” Luisa said.

“Imagine how many extra trees we’d have if everyone in the world planted one tree. That would ‘cut the glow to help the turtles go’ the right way”, she said.

Former Kalkie State School Captain and Reef Guardian Leader Lukeaja Morrison said the Reef Guardian Program at Kalkie continued to inspire adesire to help spread awareness of environmental matters.

“Now, I get the opportunity to celebrate the Reef and the incredible creatures that reside there through music, having collaborated with Topology to create a Film Score featured in the local Film “From the Depths”.”

The Reef Guardian schools program began in 2003 and sees students, teachers, their communities and local environmental agencies make positive environmental changes for the marine environment.

“A key objective of the Reef Guardian Schools program is to create awareness, understanding and appreciation for the Reef and its connected ecosystems,” said Rebecca Allen, Assistant Director Southern Region Engagement and Reef Guardian Councils, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

“There are now 276 schools, more than 120 000 students, 7 400 teachers and many Citizen Scientist community members in the Great Barrier Reef catchment area, who are making positive change,” she said.

“This year we will see the inclusion of The Reef Room which is an exciting attraction in the Educational and Environmental Precinct,” Gary said.

“Kalkie State School is proud to be opening the new Reef Room in the Education and Environment Precinct at Oceanfest. The work of our Reef Guardians is important to share with the community,” said Malinda Findlay Principal, Kalkie State School.