Call for more public transport in Bundaberg Region

Bundaberg public transport
Mayor Jack Dempsey says local bus companies do a great job but there should be more government funding to increase public transport services.

Mayor Jack Dempsey has written to Transport Minister Mark Bailey seeking more funds for public transport in the Bundaberg Region.

“Council has received many enquiries in relation to the need for increased public transport, particularly in the area of bus services, across the Bundaberg Region,” he says in the letter.

“As you would be aware, our demographic characteristics such as low family income, high median age and other socio-economic conditions mean that public transport plays an incredibly important role in allowing the community to function effectively.

“I understand you would have many demands from other regional areas, but I ask if consideration could be given to increasing the budget allocation for the Bundaberg Region in light of our specific circumstances.”

Mayor Dempsey said the local bus companies and drivers do a great job.

“The service they deliver is fantastic; we just need more of them and that requires government investment,” he said.

“I've had many community members say to me they struggle to make appointments because there aren't enough services.

“Nearly a quarter of our residents are on some kind of pension, which means they often can't afford to own a vehicle.

“They rely on public transport to go shopping, see medical professionals and so forth.”


  1. One that desperately needs rethinking is Moore Park Beach. The current bus route over the Burnett Bridge could easily be changed to via the Hinkler bridge, past the hospital and railway station making life easier for frail old folks. Also having the only return from Bundaberg to MPB at 2pm means public transport cannot be used to return from work, and doctor’s appointments can only be in the morning. Changing the 2pm bus to 6pm or adding another bus after work hours would improve the unemployment here in Moore Park Beach, and reduce the need for ambulance transfers.

  2. I would like to ask that a bus service could extend to over the railway line into the Oakwood area as there are many elderly residents in this area also with no public transport whatsoever. The bus goes to corner of One Mile Rd and Mount Perry Rd and it would not take much to extend it to Oakwood, maybe around the Oakwood State School area as a pick-up and drop-off zone. There are also many kids who would benefit that have part-time, jobs allowing them to get to and from these.

  3. Used the bus service for the first time ever in Bundaberg the other day, (I’ve lived here off and on since 1979). It was cheap and a great alternative to taxis. The bus driver was friendly and as I had no idea about what bus to catch, etc the regular passengers were only willing to help me to get the right bus. The only thing I noticed is that they stop running fairly early.

  4. At Woodgate Beach it took an energetic local to borrow the local hotel’s minibus to take a small number of locals to Bundaberg on a regular basis.
    It would be wonderful it there was a full sized bus to collect & deliver a larger number of Woodgate locals (all pensioners) one day a week to Bundy.
    Other than that we really need the council to lobby the state govt to open a stop at Goodwood – it was a railway station a long time ago – so that we locals could drive the 15 mins and park at Goodwood and catch a train to Bundy.

  5. Absolutely agree Bundaberg and surrounds need better bus/public transport. Should be like Sunshine Coast etc under the Go Card system and be able accessible all day and most of the night and weekends. So many elderly and younger people who do not drive would benefit as well as people wishing to leave their car at home.
    This would be brilliant for tourism also.
    Please make it happen !

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