Teens share talent at Emerge short film event

Emerge short film
Chompers, which shares Caleb Cook's fear of the dentist, will be featured at the Emerge short film event.

Film fans can celebrate the work of the region’s youngest filmmakers with an open-air short film event for teenagers and parents.

The event, hosted by Bundaberg Regional Galleries, will be held in the park next to the gallery on Friday, September 13 as part of the Emerge Exhibition Fringe Festival.

Bundaberg Regional Council community and cultural services spokesperson Cr Judy Peters said the event would feature about one hour of films and was free to attend.

“We hope to feature about 25 short films created by the region’s emerging artists,” Cr Peters said.

“These thought-provoking films address issues relevant to today’s teens on topics including fears of inadequacy and even a fear of the dentist.

“Teens are encouraged to come along and support their fellow classmates.

“Be sure to bring a blanket and picnic dinner and sit underneath the stars to enjoy the Emerge short films.”

Cr Peters said it was the first time a Fringe Festival had been incorporated into the exhibition.

“Emerge is all about supporting young creative people but there are so many ways to do that outside of the confines of a gallery,” Cr Peters said.

“The festival is an opportunity to celebrate what are perhaps some less traditional forms of creativity through the film festival and a Young Creators’ Market.

“Emerge continues to be one of our most highly visited exhibitions in the gallery calendar.

“By extending on its popularity by taking it into public spaces, it promotes the value of youth culture within our region, as well as driving higher visitation to the exhibition itself.”

The Emerge short film event will be held from 6-pm on Friday, September 13 in the park next door to Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery at 1 Barolin Street.

The films, created by high school students as part of their multimedia studies, are recommended for audiences 15+.

No bookings are required.