Bundaberg Municipal Band Gala Concert entertains

Bundaberg Municipal Band's Gala Concert
Dr Mike Woodham took to the stage as conductor for the Bundaberg Municipal Band's Gala Concert.

The Bundaberg Municipal Band was in perfect tune with a fantastic performance at its annual gala concert on Sunday.

The 40-piece ensemble delighted listeners with well-known popular classics such as Hallelujah and a I’ve Got Rhythm at Shalom’s Performing Art Precinct.

Dr Mike Woodham stepped on to the stage for one of his first roles as a conductor after cultivating his talent for the past year or two.

He hadn’t acted as musical director too many times before the gala concert and said it was his love for brass and classical music that had seen him join the band some time ago.  

Dr Mike is well known in the community as the local vet at Sugarland Animal Hospital.

Dr Mike said he was used to dealing with grief on a weekly basis, but about 10 years ago when his father Robert Woodham passed away, he realised he wasn’t coping and turned to music to help deal with the stresses of life.

Bundaberg Municipal Band Gala Concert
Bundaberg Municipal Band performing at its annual concert.

 “My father passed away about 10 or 11 years ago and I found myself getting very stressed and anxious about things,” Dr Mike said.

“I held off the grief and in a not so healthy way, and part of my therapy so to speak, and ways to get over it was to take up music again.

“I found myself turning up at the band hall on Tuesday night and they handed me a tuba.

“I hadn’t played the instrument for about 10 years and they just welcomed me in.

“Since then it has been a blast and I have really enjoyed it!”

Dr Mike also enjoys playing piano, bass guitar and dabbles in singing. He said music had many benefits in life, and recommended anyone interested to join in the fun with the Bundaberg Municipal Band.

“The Bundaberg Municipal Band’s gala concert is something we look forward to all year and we really enjoy playing to our audience; we have a wonderful audience who love the music we play,” Dr Mike said.

“We really have a great time on stage; this year due to band numbers we are still trying to recruit more band members.

“A lot of our recruits are coming from local schools which is brilliant.”

Bundaberg Municipal Band Gala Concert
Bundaberg companions Philip Manser and Virginia Conte enjoyed listening to the Bundaberg Municipal Band's Gala Concert with tenor horn player Neil McCabe.

Bundaberg Municipal Gala Concert enjoyed by all

Bundaberg companions Philip Manser and Virginia Conte frequent many musical events in the Bundaberg Region.

“If it is live and if it is music, we are there!” Philip said.

“When we came here to Bundaberg, I came from a conservatorium back in Mackay, and we support any sort of live music here in Bundaberg.

“Music is my life.”

Drum mayor Neil McCabe plays the tenor horn and said had been performing for more than three decades and it was always a delight to be on the stage.

“My favourite tune to play is Glog Dance which is out of Brassed Off and we play it here today,” Neil said.

Bundaberg Municipal Band president Toby Smith said the plans for next year’s gala concert were already under way and it would be held in conjunction with Maryborough Brass as a combined two-day concert.

“The 2020 gala concert will be held earlier on Saturday, 15 August here and then the whole band travels to Maryborough on the Sunday – so it will be a double concert,” Toby said.

“Of course, we are always looking for new members to join and take part in the next year’s gala concert.”

Anyone interested in joining the Bundaberg Municipal Band can contact the band for more information.

Bundaberg Municipal Band Gala Concert
Bundaberg Municipal Band in action.
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