Symposium showcases innovative healthcare practices

MEDIFARM’s Founding Director, Adam Benjamin will headline the symposium.
Medifarm’s founding director Adam Benjamin will headline the symposium.

Medifarm's founding director Adam Benjamin will deliver a keynote address to the Wide Bay Health Symposium in Bundaberg, following the recent launch of Australia’s first licensed medicinal cannabis farm.

His presentation will focus on the questions, opportunities, challenges and priorities associated with Australia’s medical cannabis industry, as he discusses the organisation’s endeavour to successfully cultivate and produce medicinal cannabis for Australian patients.

Mr Benjamin will be among a dozen key presenters at the Symposium on Wednesday, 18 September and Thursday, 19 September.

Participants will focus on the theme of ‘Thinking Innovatively in Collaborative Healthcare Practice’.

Wide Bay Health Symposium

The Wide Bay Health Symposium is being coordinated by CQUniversity’s Wide Bay and Burnett Region and the CQU Noosa Institute in collaboration with Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service.

The symposium will be an opportunity to showcase and discuss innovative practices, technology and research with industry peers and leaders in the healthcare industry.

CQUniversity Associate Vice-Chancellor for the Wide Bay Burnett Region Luke Sinclair said the symposium was a first of its kind for the university and was fitting as the university was a driver in both healthcare innovation and industry research collaboration.

“We are excited about bringing together some of the best ideas in collaborative healthcare practice in Australia and providing a platform for the industry to explore new ways to work together,” Mr Sinclair said.

Other key speakers for the symposium include Professor Desley Hegney, who will speak about resilience for health practitioners, and Dr Sarah Jay, who will present research on the effects of sleeplessness on safety and shift-workers.

Professor Tech, aka Professor Professor Michael Cowling.

Kathy McKenzie from Fire-up Coaching will feature an interactive and engaging educational session on ‘conversational intelligence’.

CQUniversity’s Associate Professor Michael Cowling will provide an opportunity for hands-on experiences using the immersive technologies of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Another highly-anticipated speaker will be CQUni’s Professor Kerry Reid-Searl, who will present on her internationally-renowned and award-winning MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) technology.

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