Choirboys rock painted nails for a cause

Adrian Brookes, Lester Lewis and Ken Venus are going blue for The Polished Man campaign.
Adrian Brookes, Lester Lewis and Ken Venus are going blue for the Polished Man campaign and hosting a special event at Oodies Cafe soon to help raise money for the cause.

The men of Bundy Pub Rock Choir will be rocking a blue fingernail and singing for a cause this October for the Polished Man campaign.

The nation-wide campaign raises awareness for violence against children, with supporters asked to colour one fingernail in blue nail polish while raising funds.

Bundy Pub Rock Choir members Ken Venus, Adrian Brookes and Lester Lewis said the group decided to get on board with the fundraiser because of its heartfelt message.

“This year the male members of the choir have signed up to raise money for the ‘Polished Man' campaign. Why? Because one child dies every five minutes from violence and one in five children will suffer abuse this week,” he said.

Adrian Brookes, Lester Lewis and Ken Venus with their blue fingernails.
Adrian Brookes, Lester Lewis and Ken Venus with their blue fingernails.

“We’ll be painting one fingernail blue during the month of October to represent this child – because it shouldn't hurt to be a child.”

As part of their fundraiser efforts, the group will host Bundy's Polished Men Fundraiser at Oodies Cafe on Friday, 11 October from 5.30 pm.

“There will be live music, entertainment, raffles, comedy, door prizes and information about the Polished Man campaign,” Adrian said.

“Although designed mainly towards men, to spread the word and share the message – of course – ladies are also welcome.”

About Bundy Pub Rock Choir

According to the trio, the choir has been active in the community for three years and have experienced some major accomplishments when it comes to the music industry.

“We have been lucky enough to sing with Moving Pictures while they were in Bundy, John Farnham and recently Glen Shorrock as part of QMF in Brisbane,” Lester said.

“We have also supported Relay for Life, Childers Festival and others in the community.”

Mayor paints nail to support Polished Man

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey was quick to throw his support behind the Pub Rock Choir and their next venture with the Polished Man campaign.

Mayor Jack Dempsey with a blue nail.
Mayor Jack Dempsey with a blue nail.

Mayor Dempsey has painted his fingernail blue to raise awareness and to start a discussion with others about the importance of uniting for the good of children.

“The funds raised through this amazing campaign go towards trauma prevention and trauma recovery programs for children who have suffered violence,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“I urge everyone to get involved in one way or another, whether you donate, participate in painting your fingernail blue or head along to Oodies Cafe to join in with the Bundy Pub Rock Choirboys.

“Together we can end violence against children, for good.”

Show your support

To support the Pub Rock Choir team raise funds for the Polished Man campaign, head to to help them reach their fundraising goal of $2,000.

You can also attend the fundraiser at Oodies Cafe, North Bundaberg on 11 October from 5. 30 pm.