Police take a monster look at suspension

Constable Brandon Barrett checks out the suspension of a monster truck.

With monster trucks recently in town, Bundaberg Police officers Rob Bradley and Brandon Barrett thought it was an ideal opportunity to talk about raising vehicles.


My four-wheel drive vehicle can no longer have a suspension lift greater than 50mm (two inches).


Raising of a vehicle is permitted up to 75mm without certification, testing or specific approval, provided the vehicle continues to comply with all other vehicle standards requirements.

The 75mm lift limit can be made up of a maximum of 50mm suspension and/or 25mm tyres only.

No body block lift is allowed without certification.

A vehicle lift up to 150mm is permitted with certification by an approved person.

The maximum 150 millimetre limit can be made up of a maximum of 75mm suspension, 25mm tyres and 50mm body blocks.

Tyre lift heights are 50 per cent of the tyre diameter, for example a 25mm tyre lift results from a 50 millimetre increase in tyre diameter.

Click here for more information on the Department of Transport and Main Roads or phone 13 23 80 for the details of an approved person near you.