Emma brings all-abilities yoga to Bundaberg

Emma Ellul of Wild Hearted Wellbeing is starting adapted yoga classes in Bundaberg soon.
Emma Ellul of Wild Hearted Wellbeing is starting adapted yoga classes in Bundaberg soon.

Local yoga instructor Emma Ellul will bring the benefits of yoga to all abilities when her new classes start in Bundaberg soon.

Under her business name Wild Hearted Wellbeing, Emma has been teaching yoga for 10 years.

She's now expanding her services to offer lessons to “absolutely everyone” after learning more about adapted yoga in a recent training session.

“Last weekend I went to Sydney to attend training on Adapted Yoga, Yoga for (dis)Ability, and it was amazing,” she said.

“I learned so much and I now have so much knowledge and training in how to bring the benefits of yoga to everybody, literally.”

Emma said the same style of teaching yoga applied to these classes, just with modifications to suit the needs of those participating.

“It is just yoga, getting back to the basics and giving people the opportunity to connect with their breathing,” she said.

“It is allowing a mind and body connection with or without muscular action.”

Yoga for all abilities

Emma said the classes would provide many benefits to those who attend.

“These classes are perfect for older people with limited mobility, for people with a disability, for those who are recovering from a trauma, for absolutely anyone,” she said.

“The benefits are amazing.

“Research states in some participants with cerebral palsy, yoga has helped decrease their pain levels, their toileting has improved and much more.

“Just by focusing on breathing and imagining movement and practicing meditation, participants become grounded in their central nervous system.”

Emma will be starting her classes at the new IWC gym on Barolin Street from the first week of November.

The classes are:

  • Adapted Yoga for Ability
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Cerebral Palsy Yoga Class

“I'm so excited and ready to bring yoga, movement, breath, love, mind and body connection to as many people as possible,” Emma said.

“Individual sessions are also available.”

To find out more, visit the Wild Hearted Wellbeing Facebook page here or phone Emma on 0435 662 730.