Campaign takes local artist’s designs to the world

Rachael Sarra Tourism Australia
Local Indigenous artist and designer Rachael Sarra was selected by Tourism Australia to design bespoke patterns and symbols for its newest global campaign. Source: Rachael Sarra Creative

Bundaberg Region Indigenous designer and artist Rachael Sarra has collaborated with Tourism Australia on its latest global marketing campaign.

The campaign encourages visitors to ‘Come and live our Philausophy’.

The Goreng Goreng/Taribelang artist, who also designed the Milbi Festival artwork, said in a Facebook post that she was excited to reveal her connection to the campaign.

“Over the last few months I’ve been developing a series of patterns to celebrate four aspects that really make Australia unique, our culture, our wildlife, our natural beauty and our food and drink,” Rachael said.

“Each of the patterns [are] a contemporary representation and acknowledgement of the role that Aboriginal culture has played for over 60,000 years in preserving this beautiful country we call Australia.

“The campaign will be hitting the international stage in the next few weeks as well as on our very own doorstep.

“So keep your eyes out wherever you are.”

Tourism Australia engages Rachael Sarra for artwork

Rachael Sarra Tourism Australia
Local Indigenous artist and designer Rachael Sarra with some of her Tourism Australia artwork. Source: Rachael Sarra Creative

In promotional material announcing the campaign Tourism Australia said it had commissioned Rachael for the artwork, the purpose of which was to acknowledge Australia’s past, present and future.

“I’m very proud to bring to life the special bond that has always connected Indigenous Australians to our land,” Rachael said.

“Threading from our past through to our future, our sacred stories are embedded in our landscapes and are part of our wildlife and our native foods.

“My artwork for Tourism Australia expresses my Aboriginal heritage in a creative way.”

In revealing her motivation behind her Milbi Festival designs, Rachael said representing culture through artwork was her driving passion.

“It’s all about expressing my culture and connecting that to the environment in which we’re in now.

“I think it’s really important to portray culture through my artwork because a lot of people, they’re really looking to include culture.”

Rachael Sarra Tourism Australia
Rachael shared one of her designs via Facebook when making the announcement. Source: Rachael Sarra Creative