Schools contest RoboCup Challenge

Thomas Wicks, Mitchel Morgan and Sienna Haselden from Elliot Heads State School compete in the Robocup Competition.
Thomas Wicks, Mitchel Morgan and Sienna Haselden from Elliot Heads State School compete in the RoboCup Competition.

Primary and high school student teams from across the Bundaberg Region yesterday competed for top spot in a local robotics challenge.

Held at Bundaberg East State School, the RoboCup Challenge brought together students of all ages to work in teams to complete set challenges.

Bundaberg East State School digital technologies teacher Melinda Clancy is the brains behind the event and said the STEM competition promoted all things science, technology, engineering, maths and robotics.

“The students are given three main challenges and within these three challenges they need to solve problems with their robots,” she said.

“Those in the speed challenge have to come up and bump the other player, then there is a tractor pull challenge to see how much weight each robot can pull and an obstacle course challenge which changes every time.”

Video: Paul Donaldson

Many schools involved in RoboCup Challenge

Melinda said about 70 students from various schools participated in the robotics challenge, aged from Year 3 to Year 12.

“It's great to see students of different ages interact together and learn from one another,” she said.

“They are able to achieve tasks, no matter what their age.”

Melinda said participants learnt a great deal about robotics in the classroom and through the competition with many benefits involved.

“With these challenges there is a lot of creative thinking, involved as well as teamwork and resilience,” she said.

“Having these challenges, which include STEM concepts, is an engaging and exciting format for students and its really good to see how these kids are evolving with their thinking through a different style of learning.”

Finn and Scarlett love to learn with robotics challenge

Bundaberg East State School students Finn Heads and Scarlett Crawford participated and said they had lots of fun.

“It's really making me learn how much traction you can get in a robot. It's not always about the speed, it's about strength. It's not as easy as you think,” said Finn, whose main event was the tractor pull challenge.

“It's fun learning with robotics,” added Scarlett.

“You can learn all about what you can do in the future, how to communicate with your friends and the team work.”