Art and craft on display at U3A Bundaberg exhibition

U3A Bundaberg arts exhibition
U3A Bundaberg member Kathryn Steindl said members had worked all year to create masterpieces for the U3A Bundaberg arts exhibition.

Pastels, watercolour, knitting and crochet are just some of the arts and craft that were on display at the annual U3A Bundaberg Arts exhibition.

U3A Bundaberg member Kathryn Steindl said members had worked all year to create masterpieces for the arts display.

“We have a variety of artwork here on display here from various U3A groups, we have the watercolour group to abstract art group and there’s also the spinners and weavers, all displaying their artwork,” she said.

“The annual event gives members of U3A an outlet to display their work and also to encourage new members, there’s no competition just an exhibition of all our works and some are for sale.”

U3A Bundaberg arts exhibition
U3A Bundaberg members Kathy Steindl, Lynly Wilkinson, Valeen Welsh, Nel Meerman, Christine Jackson and Shirley Watson are encouraging the community to stop in and check out U3A's Arts exhibition before Friday.

U3A Bundaberg a great way to socialise

Kathryn said, in addition to the annual arts exhibition, U3A Bundaberg held 80 different U3A courses each year and was open to people over the age of 40.

“We run a lot of programs for seniors here in Bundaberg,” she said.

“It’s a nice way to socialise while learning a new skill or two.”

Kathryn said U3A functioned with the philosophy of learning for the joy of learning with the close cooperation and participation of its members who were in their third age.

There is no academic requirement for membership of U3A, and there is no distinction in status between tutors and students.

In addition to the educational aspects, U3A Bundaberg provides the platform for comprehensive physical and social programs and is always looking for new members.

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