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Bargara Headlands homes to be built in 2020

Bargara Headlands homes
Stage one of the Bargara Headlands has been signed off, meaning houses can start to be built in the first half of 2020. SOURCE: Facebook

Homes could be built in the new Bargara Headlands estate as soon as February after Council signed off on the subdivision’s $5 million first stage.

Showing no signs of slowing down, a stage two operational works permit has also been lodged with Council for the remaining 10 lots of Bargara Headlands.

Developer Bill Moorhead said once the titles for each stage one block were registered he had no doubt construction would be underway in earnest.

“We’re hoping that the plans are registered in January with settlement in February, with new homes starting – that’s slabs in the ground – well before Easter, probably before the end of February,” Mr Moorhead said.

Bargara Headlands homes to be built soon

With 22 of Bargara Headland's 35 stage one blocks already sold, he said new homeowners would be turning the sod as soon as possible.

The anticipation is so great, many have already engaged builders and completed soil tests.

“There’s people here who have been waiting with bated breath!”

Bargara Headlands homes
Bargara Headlands has been a hive of activity over the last six months with developer Bill Moorhead recently pitching in to plant the first street trees. SOURCE: Facebook

It’s been a busy end of the year for Mr Moorhead and his team who have been laying turf, planting street trees and finalising roads and community areas.

He said the development had boosted the local economy and would continue to do so throughout the New Year.

“What we’ve had is approximately 30 full time equivalent jobs here for the last six months.

“It’s been a significant employer for Bundaberg in what has been reasonably quiet times.

“We anticipate that number to double once houses start getting constructed.”

He said there were many aspects of this development he was proud of, including its water sensitive urban design and low luminance lighting incorporating smart technology sensors.

“In the 35 years I’ve been involved in property development it’s the most exciting project I’ve been involved in,” Mr Moorhead said.

Bargara Headlands Update: 18th December 2019 II

Another update starting from Logan Road and shooting over the newly laid turf on the park area and through Kalina Creek. A little rain would be nice.

Posted by Bargara Headlands on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

About $2 million of trunk sewerage infrastructure, the first for Innes Park, will be handed over to Council along with almost 1 km of footpath, drink fountains and rubbish bins and a significant community space area.

The development will be open to the public from 21 December 2019 but will remain closed to vehicles at night until streetlight sensors are installed.

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