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Take a fresh look at streaming services

Streaming services
Netflix is one of many streaming services available to Bundaberg Region viewers.

Bundaberg Now technology writer Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers talks about the multiple streaming services now available to choose from.

The start of a year seems like a good time to have a fresh look at what is on the market when it comes to streaming services.

With this space ever changing it can be daunting to keep up, so let’s go over the high level options.

Netflix: With about one third of the whole streaming services market tied up, Netflix is the staple for many.

This giant has tons of content across all genres and steady releases of “Netflix Originals” such as the new Ryan Reynolds flick “6 Underground”.

Stan: Second place for us Aussies is Stan. Similar to Netflix this service is content agnostic and has loads of series and shows for all viewers.

Things may slump a little since the introduction of Disney+ and a lot of that content jumping ship.

Amazon Prime: This one is a sneaky entrant as many people pay for Prime purely for the benefits of shopping on Amazon.

Market share and total viewers are on the increase and there is loads of new content being added.

YouTube Premium: Yes, it is basically ad-free YouTube.

Sounds like a waste until you try to watch normal YouTube these days.

Lots of quality (and rubbish) content on YouTube and if you want it without ads this is where your money goes. You can also buy ad-free paid content through the Google Play store, which offers a wide range of TV shows and movies.

Disney+: This new entrant is going gangbusters in Australia.

Only running for the past month or so, Disney+ gives viewers access to tons of Disney and National Geographic content.

This also includes the likes of the Marvel universe and at the moment the massively popular Mandalorian (yes that is where all of your “baby Yoda” memes are coming from).

AppleTV+: No, this is not a piece of hardware.

This is Apple’s entrance into the market.

While it is still new, Apple tend to do well with most things they undertake so watch this space.

Foxtel: It is still going but losing a fair bit of traction. This can now be used like the rest of these apps and tends to hold a lot of the sport content depending on packages.

It is also by far the most expensive choice.

There are many more second tier options in this market although they come and go in both availability and popularity.

Pricing for most streaming is usually around the $10/month mark, or $20 for family accounts which allow multiple users.

It’s also worth knowing that you can generally get a free trial with these services to give it a test drive.

Give them a try and remember to eat and sleep between absorbing all that content; it can be overwhelming.


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