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Seed bomb workshop teaches kids about nature

seed bomb
Lindy's Family Day Care participants at the seed bombing workshop in Gallery Park.

Children were able to get their hands dirty and learn all about the environment at a seed bombing workshop hosted by Bundaberg Regional Galleries on Tuesday.

The Outdoor Art Room event featured special guest and jewellery-making artist Clare Poppi, who taught the children how to create their very own seed bomb necklaces.

“We have been mixing clay, compost and a variety of seeds together, forming them into different shapes and making it into a wearable necklace,” Clare said.

“Once the seeds bombs are dry, the children are able to wear them around and then throw them into the garden to grow.”

Clare has been a practising artist for 10 years and said she had always been passionate about using natural elements within her designs.

She said the seed bombing workshop was one way she could help spread her message of how to help the environment through to the younger generation.

“It's important for kids to be involved in art and social issues from a really young age,” she said.

“Not only do they get to have fun getting their hands dirty, they can also be creative and make something while learning how important is to garden.”

Video: Morgan Everett

Cooper and Rylan love to help nature

Brothers Cooper and Rylan Stirrat participated in the workshop and said they had lots of fun making the seed bombs.

“We got a choice between vegetables and flowers … me and my brother both did flowers,” Cooper said.

“We got to choose our favourite string and I went with purple because purple is my favourite colour.”

When asked why it was important to learn more about the environment, Cooper said there were many benefits.

“It helps us be healthy,” he said.

“If we plant lots of trees it will help the environment so then we can breathe.”

The Outdoor Art Room Seed Bombing workshops will be held again Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 11am at Gallery Park, next to BRAG.