LifestyleNibbles the duck shows football talent

Nibbles the duck shows football talent

A Bundaberg Region duck that thinks he isn't a duck has been filmed playing football with his human family at Calavos.

Nibbles, the two-year-old Muscovy, can be seen kicking a soccer ball back and forth with his beak, tail wagging in enjoyment.

According to owner Andrew Bickerton, Nibbles has always been a little bit different to the other ducks at Kind and Friendy to Chickens refuge.

“He thinks he is either a human or a dog,” Andrew said.

“Every morning when I start work he will be up ready and waiting for me.

“When I come home is waiting again to go for a walk with the dogs.”

Andrew said he and his family, who take in all sorts of poultry at their refuge, were well aware Nibbles the duck had the biggest personality of them all.

He said the moment he realised Nibbles was a bit of a sporting star was just a few weeks ago in the family's backyard.

“My young boy is mad for sports and he brought home a new ball and started kicking it around,” Andrew said.

“Nibbles was straight into it, getting involved and kicking the ball back and forth with his beak.

“He loved it.”

Nibbles the duck loves to hang out with his family

It's not the first time Nibbles has joined in human activities.

Andrew said Nibbles spent every day by the family's side and even went on camping adventures with them.

“We had the tents set up in the yard over the school holidays and Nibbles was right there with us,” he said.

“He also loves to go swim down by the water at our property and especially loves when we all jump in the water too.

Nibbles the duck
Kylie Bickerton having a cuddle with Nibbles.

“He will swim around us, flapping about and having a great time.”

Andrew said while Nibbles often made a great companion, there was no mistaking when he was in a bad temper.

“He is so funny; he gets into these big mood swings and you can tell straight away because he gets really loud and flaps his wings,” he said.

“That's when I yell at the kids to run because angry Nibbles is coming; it's very funny.

“When he is not in a mood he is very affectionate and will often give lots of cuddles and drape his head around your neck.”

Andrew said while Nibbles was well loved by his human family, the relationship with his duck family was much the same as The Ugly Duckling story.

“He gets picked on a lot by the other ducks at the refuge because he is so different,” he said.

“Nibbles will often hide behind us when the other ducks come by and use us as protection.