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Baby alpaca Charlie thriving in new home

Charlie the alpaca
Charlie, the baby alpaca, is thriving at his new Bundaberg home.

Charlie the baby alpaca has found home with a new herd in the Bundaberg Region after being rejected by his mother.

Charlie came to the team at Littabella Alpacas at just three days old when he was turned away by his own alpaca family in Bungadoo.

Littabella Alpacas' Nicole Read said Charlie was born at Ivory Park Suri Alpacas and, despite owners trying everything they could to bond him and his Mum, a connection was not able to be made.

“During this period of trying to bond, Charlie was introduced to the bottle,” she said.

“Baby alpacas, known as crias, require up to six milk feeds a day when being bottle fed.

“Charlie's owners made the hard decision to adopt Charlie to us due do having busy commitments.”

Nicole said Charlie was now almost six weeks old and thriving at Littabella Alpacas in Yandaran.

“One of our Auntie alpacas, Lulu, bonded immediatley to Charlie,” she said.

“Lulu takes care of him in every way a Mum should except providing his milk, that's up to us.”

Charlie the alpaca
Lulu keeps watch over Charlie at Littabella Alpacas.

Not only is Charlie a bundle of cuteness, Nicole said he also had a playful personality to match.

“He's a very happy and cheeky little cria,” she said.

“Charlie is very nosy- he likes to know what we are doing or what's in the bucket and loves to bounce around the herd when ever he gets the chance. “

Nicole said Charlie would be introduced to a little play mate by mid March, the start of this year's breeding season at the farm.

“Breeding seasons are different for each far,” she said.

“The first ‘unpacking' (birth) will be in March and our last one is due in July during the cooler months.

“We are expecting five new crias during this period- it's a very exciting time.”

Charlie one of many at Littabella Alpacas

Nicole said she started Littabella Alpacas after realising her love for the quirky animals when two were introduced to her farm.

“One of the best investments we made when we started out in our farming adventure was to purchase our first two guard alpacas to take care of our small flock of sheep,” she said.

“These quirky, inquisitive, quiet animals melted my heart and I had to have more in my life.

“My little herd quickly grew and we now have 16 alpacas.”

Charlie alpaca
Charlie the baby alpaca is thriving at his new home.

Nicole said after a while, a decision was made as to what to do with all of the cuteness wandering in her paddocks.

“I was asked by a fellow alpaca breeder if I would like to come and participate in Alpaca Therapy with a local school in the Gin Gin area,” she said.

“I jumped at the chance and I am glad I did as each lesson for the children was also a lesson for me and for my alpacas that joined in each week.”

Fast forward a couple of years and Nicole now offers her service to groups, individuals, schools, events and more.

For those who would like to meet charlie and the other alpacas, bookings can be made through the Littabella Alpacas Facebook page.

Littabella Alpacas is situated at 178 Littabella Siding Lane, Yandaran.

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