GeneralPickles the friendly possum loves the camera

Pickles the friendly possum loves the camera

Pickles the possum at Splitters Farm. Video: Paul Donaldson

A friendly possum has shown her enthusiasm for being in front of the lens when getting a visit from Bundaberg Now photographer Paul Donaldson.

Paul was visiting Splitters Farm when Pickles the possum decided to say hello.

“She was very cute and inquisitive, not shy at all,” he said.

“Pickles showed a lot of interest in the camera and didn't mind being hand-fed grapes as she sat up in her cubby house.”

Owner of Splitters Farm Carly Clark said Pickles had been a resident at the Sharon property for more than three years.

“She used to live in the roof of the old cat enclosure but she's since taken up residence in the kids' cubby house,” she said.

“It's the Hilton compared to her old home!”

Carly said at one point Pickles became a mum but it is unknown what happened to the baby.

She said Pickles was a very friendly possum who was always up for some social interaction and loved when visitors came to the farm.

“She loves being fed grapes and fruit by our visitors,” Carly said.

“Guests can feed her when they arrive before one of our farm tours.”

Situated at 205 Blairs Road, Carly said Splitters Farm was home to all animals, great and small.

“It's nice to have that mixture of local wildlife with our domesticated rescue farm animals,” she said.

“We also have a sugar glider in our big tree and Maggie the magpie who are regulars.”

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