Traditions taught at Community Market and Cultural Day

Community Cultural Day
Jack Muirhead takes part in spear throwing activities at the Community Cultural Day with Deadly Boxing Academy owner Malachi Johnson showing the kids how it's done.

The Bundaberg community was immersed in spear and boomerang throwing along with other traditional activities in the inaugural Community Market and Cultural Day today.

The community enrichment day hosted by Raw Awakening Urban Art and Community Programs and Reclink Australia Street Games and National Sports Bundaberg was aimed at promoting Indigenous culture and bringing the community together for a fun day of activities.

Jack Muirhead and his family were visiting from Maryborough and took the opportunity to take part in the cultural activities.

Jack, 9, tried his hand at spear throwing, and said he enjoyed the boomerang throwing most.

“I’m having a lot of fun and really loving it, it’s giving me a chance to try everything,” Jack said.

Jack’s mum Kathleen Muirhead said her son was in his element and it was nice to see him learn new skills while enjoying himself.

“I am proud of him, this is actually part of our culture as we are part Aboriginal,” Kathleen said.

“It’s good to see he can get involved in activities in the public and it’s really like he is in his own element today.”

Community Market and Cultural Day promotes Indigenous awareness

Supporting the children with the traditional activities was Deadly Boxing Academy owner Malachi Johnson who said they took the opportunity to promote Gooreng Gooreng culture and awareness during the Community Market and Cultural Day.

Community Cultural Day
Luke Watson, Aaliyah Watson, Tyron Owen, Malachi Johnson and Corey Owen at the Community Cultural Day.

“It’s really about getting the kids out here and let them have some fun, while teaching them some of the Gooreng Gooreng words, such as for kangaroo, emu and turtle – animals that are well known, I guess everyone already knows milbi,” he said.

“Gooreng Gooreng is one of the traditional owner groups here and we need more representation of them and that’s what today is about.”

Reclink Australia Street Games and National Sports Bundaberg’s Tataina Quinn said for the first Community Market and Cultural Day all the organisers were pleased with the turn out and she said they hoped to make it a bi-monthly event.

“We’ve had a great turn out,” she said.

“I think with the market stalls, the traditional activities, there has been yoga and the band are about to kick off, and the Indigenous dancing group, with Jye Leet who does all the dance programs around Bundaberg with the all the high schools, there has been something for everyone to check out.”

Tataina said the next Community Market and Cultural Day would be held on May and they hoped to grow the market stalls and attract more people to each event.

“It’s a great family day out and open to everyone, down here at Alexandra Park, so we hope to lock it in to be quite regular,” Tataina said.

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