LifestyleLocal pilot takes social distance to new heights

Local pilot takes social distance to new heights

Video by local pilot Jeremy Browne.

A Bundaberg pilot has taken isolation measures to new heights, keeping his social distance by a few hundred feet on a joy flight across the region.

Jeremy Browne posted a video to Facebook on the weekend of his adventure from Bundaberg to Fraser Island, showcasing the beauty of the coastline between.

He said with perfect weather conditions, the weekend was the perfect time for exploring.

“I relocated from the Adelaide Hills to Coral Cove earlier this year and this presented an opportunity to explore the Wide Bay and the Fraser Coast,” he said.

“This past weekend delivered ideal conditions for scenic flying.”

Jeremy said being up in the sky was a surreal feeling.

“The birds-eye view of our landscape below remains unaffected by the global crisis,” he said.

“Exploring our area by air is good therapy and puts the world we live in back into perspective.

“The crystal clear water, white beaches and enormous sand dunes are most striking.”

local pilot
Local pilot Jeremy Browne takes in the beauty of the region's coastline. Pictured is Elliott Heads.

Jeremy said he first started in aviation with gliding at just 14 years old.

“Since then I obtained a commercial pilot's licence, flying mostly for private business for over 20 years,” he said.

“My choice of aircraft is the iconic Beechcraft Bonanza.

“They are safe, comfortable and fast; the Bonanza is regarded in the aviation community as the ‘Bently of the Sky'.”

The local pilot said since moving to the region, he had been a constant visitor to Bundaberg Airport.

“It is a great facility and the Council is supportive of general aviation activity,” he said.

“This was one of the core criteria for me choosing to settle here.

“I use the airport as a pivot point for conducting business in agricultural technology across Australia.

“Having access to a supportive, quality and well-managed airport facility contributes greatly to our community.”