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Growers urge open minds in Paradise Dam debate

Paradise Dam
Paradise Dam releasing water in October 2019

Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetables Growers (BFVG) have urged the community to keep an open mind about the future of Paradise Dam, after the release of the Building Queensland report on the dam this week.

The Building Queensland Report states that decommissioning of Paradise Dam is no longer being considered.

However BFVG have serious concerns that full reinstatement of the Dam Spillway is not considered in the top three options proposed.

BFVG Managing Director Bree Grima has been following the Commission of Inquiry.

 “It is important to note that during the Inquiry a number of engineering experts questioned the testing methodology on the dam, with one notable quote from Dr Schrader that the dam wall is ‘probably almost certainly stable’,” she said.

“We are asking the community to take into consideration all the information before forming an opinion on Paradise Dam, and therefore, its supposed future.

“Our Industry was not confident in the data supporting the decisions made by State Government and this is why BFVG engaged world-leading dam engineer Dr Paul Rizzo of Rizzo International to provide a stability and options report.

“Dr Rizzo’s report is due at the end of March.

“Unfortunately his progress was slowed due to bureaucratic delays which included lodging a Right to Information request and lengthy negotiations with Sunwater who eventually granted access to specific documents required for this report.”

“We are keen to assist community members in their understanding and awareness of the Industry's reliability on Paradise Dam and why it means so much to us.

This region provides 25% of Australia's fresh produce, our growers are proud to supply healthy nutritious food to the nation and need the support of our local community to continue to do so.”

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