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Thabeban State School’s Easter surprise for students

Thabeban State School Easter eggs surprise
Thabeban State School teachers Miss Hills and Mrs Sonter were ready to home delivery the Easter eggs surprise to students at the end of term 1.

As Term 1 came to an end on Friday teachers at Thabeban State School spent the day home delivering an Easter surprise to every student.

Principal Sharee McMahon said the majority of the 112 students were away from school during the last week of the term due to the state government recommendations surrounding the Coronavirus health concerns.

She said staff had really started to miss The children and thought it would be a wonderful idea to drop by their homes with an Easter egg surprise.

Ms McMahon said teachers and the teacher aides divided into five groups and hopped to delivering the surprises to the students, from as far as Moore Park Beach, Bargara and Avoca and surrounding areas.

Thabeban State School Easter surprise
Thabeban State School students Kaleb, Savannah and Ruby were excited to have the teachers home deliver an Easter surprise to them.

“We arrived at their homes and beeped the horn for the students to come out and then throw them an Easter surprise each,” Ms McMahon said.

“All the staff have really been missing the students so it was a feel-good moment to see the smiles on their faces and their reactions again.”

She said parents were advised about the home delivery of Easter gifts,w hich led to some of the students eagerly waiting all morning for the teacher’s arrival.

“The students were all very grateful and excited,” Ms McMahon said.

“Some were waiting out by their letter boxes all morning!

Thabeban State School Easter surprise
Thabeban State School students Hedley, Abraham, Jai, Selwyn loved the Easter surprise from their teachers.

“The students wanted to hug the teachers and tell them how much they had also missed them, so that was a little difficult because of the social distancing regulations in place, but everyone was chuffed to see each other anyway.”

Thabeban State School Easter surprise
Thabeban State School teacher Mrs D dressed and ready for the Easter surprise for the students.

Easter surprise a lovely way to end the term

Ms McMahon said it was a lovely way to end the school term, which would have normally concluded with a huge Easter egg hunt for the students.

“We have a fantastic team here at Thabeban State School, and it was really a nice way to catch up and finish the term, connect again with the children and the community,” she said.

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