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Cat Connections needs help to re-home 100+ animals

Cat Connections
A record number of kittens and cats are being abandoned in the region, with Cat Connections HQ struggling to keep up with the demand.

With over 100 cats and kittens in care at any one time, the team at Cat Connections HQ is seeking community assistance during Coronavirus restrictions.

The organisation's owner Ros English said since January there had been a huge increase in the abandonment of cats throughout the Bundaberg Region.

“In the pound the number of desexed and micro-chipped cats has increased with owners not being contactable and not reclaiming them,” she said.

“Usually 95% of cats we save from the pound are not desexed.”

The problem is getting so big, Ros said the organisation had to find other ways to re-home the animals.

“We have had to close our books to all cats and kittens,” she said.

“We are now transferring them on to other rescues in the state.”

With Coronavirus restrictions in place, Ros said it was a tricky time to try to re-home animals.

“We usually take 90% of cats in the pound and help them find rescues around the state but now many rescues have closed their doors due to government restrictions cats that find themselves in the pound may not get the second chance they deserve,” she said.

“With Caronavirus, our charity has found it very hard to pay vet bills as we can’t fundraise with pie drives, raffles going to the PCYC markets and we are limited to doing raffles through Facebook to keep money in.

“Our volunteers are also having to pay for food and kitty litter out of our own pockets to keep the cats healthy and happy.”

On a brighter note today. This beautiful young girl was found out of town heavily pregnant and taken to the pound. We fell in love called her Maggie and arranged for her to escape the bars to have her kittens in a more comfortable place. This morning she had 5 little healthy babies and 1 runt who will have a bit of a fight on her hands to get through but we will help as much as we can to help her thrive. Welcome to the world kitties

Posted by Cat Connections HQ on Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Mumma Maggie was found out of town, heavily pregnant. She had five healthy babies and one runt at Cat Connections HQ recently.

Ros said she estimated carers were forking out $1000 a month between them to keep the organisation running.

“We are always looking for donations whether it be food, which we have a bin for at Coles Hinkler and blankets, towels- which we have a drop off point at Sugarland Vet Clinic,” she said.

“If you would like to donate money, you can pay straight off our vet bill at Sugarland Vet Clinic or direct bank transfer.

“All money donations over $2 are tax deductible.”

Ros said overall, the best thing pet owners could do was to take good care of their animals.

“Please at this difficult time please do not leave you cat homeless because there is nobody who can help them get the second chance they deserve,” she said.

To find out more about Cat Connections HQ head to their Facebook page here.