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Bundaberg most solar-friendly area in Australia

Clean Energy Council
Bundaberg has been named Australia’s rooftop solar capital with 13,942 solar panel installations in the past 12 months. Photo: Clean Energy Council

Bundaberg has been named Australia’s rooftop solar capital for the second year running after topping the nation’s list of the most solar-friendly suburbs.

The region came in at number one with 13,942 solar panel installations in the past 12 months, according to research by the Clean Energy Council.

Co-founder of residential solar provider Karl Brown said Bundaberg Regional Council’s investment in solar energy, sunny conditions and high levels of home ownership earn the region it’s title as the solar power capital of Australia.

“Bundaberg has got all the right things going for it,” Mr Brown says.

“You see a council that’s clearly committed to renewable energy investing in large-scale rooftop installations, such as the airport and wastewater treatment plants.

“On a local level, you find the city’s abundance of sunshine and high levels of home ownership encouraging residents to reap the benefits of solar energy and cut their household costs.”

The Clean Energy Council's research reveals Queensland is leading the charge overall in home solar energy installations, with four out of Australia’s top five solar postcodes located in the Sunshine State.

Chief Executive Kane Thornton said 2019 was a record year for rooftop solar, with 2.2 GW of new capacity installed.

“We saw the rooftop solar industry smash last year’s record, adding a further 2.2 GW of new capacity with the highest number of new systems installed since the solar boom of 2012,” he said.

“Renewable energy is now responsible for almost a quarter of Australia’s total electricity generation, and the industry continues to grow and evolve as we transition to a cleaner, more affordable and more reliable energy system.”

Top 10 solar postcodes in Australia. Bundaberg was named number 1 for being the most solar-friendly postcode.

Mr Thornton with the COVID-19 having a significant impact on the economy, the Clean Energy Council was lobbying federal, state and territory governments to ensure that renewable energy and energy storage was a key part of their COVID-19 response packages.

“The renewable energy industry is uniquely placed to lead Australia’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis,” he said.

‘In addition to providing much-needed stimulus to the Australian economy, we can insulate households and businesses from high electricity costs while also ensuring that we meet our emissions reductions obligations.”

Despite facing some considerable challenges, Mr Thornton said he strongly believed the industry has a bright future.

“There is still a strong pipeline of renewable energy and storage projects and enormous customer demand for rooftop solar and batteries,” he said.

“These will be critical in replacing Australia’s ageing coal-fired power stations, meeting Australia’s climate change targets and ensuring affordable and reliable power supply.”

To find out more, visit Clean Energy Council's website here.

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