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Flex those muscles for The 2020 Push-Up Challenge

2020 Push Up Challenge
The 2020 Push-Up Challenge begins soon.

Get those muscles pumping because The 2020 Push-Up Challenge, which raises funds and awareness for mental health, is almost here.

The Push-Up Challenge runs from 11 to 31 May, pushing for better mental health and fundraising for the Headspace Bundaberg cause.

“As your local Headspace centre, we provide community-based mental health services for young people aged 12-25, and now more than ever they are needing our services,” Headspace Bundaberg Community and Youth Engagement Officer Cristel Simmonds said.

“Join us in connecting people, supporting better mental health, promoting fitness, and most importantly, having fun, all while physically distancing.”

Cristel said The Push-Up Challenge was free to participate, could be done at home and was a great way to engage people.

“The Push-Up Challenge runs over three weeks in May with participants completing 3,046 push-ups, representing the number of Australians who died by suicide in 2018,” she said.

“The number of push-ups you complete each day changes to reflect a vital mental health statistic.

“The push-up target can be tackled by an individual, or by a team who go for a combined goal.”

The Push-Up Challenge (11th – 31st May) ????

Last year our push-up community joined the mission to turn the tables on suicide helping to raise an amazing $2.4 Million for headspace and better mental health support.???????????????? ????????????????, ????????’???????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????. ???????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????!???? Help us take action for our community to reduce the risk of suicide and improve mental health in Australia as we take on 3,046 push-ups for the 3,046 lives lost to suicide in Australia 2018.Together let’s #pushforbetter and reduce those numbers as we raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention and better mental health support in Australia.???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????!

Posted by The Push-Up Challenge on Friday, April 17, 2020
The 2020 Push-Up Challenge starts soon.

Cristel said upon registering, participants would have the option to fundraise for Headspace Bundaberg.

“Fundraising provides an exciting opportunity to also support young people in your community,” she said.

“Be sure to select us, that's Headspace Bundaberg, if you are raising dollars.”

To find out more and to register visit the website www.thepushupchallenge.com.au

“Let’s all do this together, as a community connected through push-ups,” Cristel said.

“Be sure to let us know if you are taking part by using the hashtag #headspacebundaberg when you upload to socials.

“If you prefer to donate to us direct, use our team link at https://www.thepushupchallenge.com.au/team/2485-bundaberg-headspace.”