Showing love for Mum…one brick at a time

Carinbundi Foundation
Carinbundi client Luke Hillyard with his Mum Sandy Hillyard

Bundaberg disability support organisation, the Carinbundi Foundation, has come up with a novel Mother’s Day gift that will help those in the region living with a disability.

For as little as $5 people can buy a virtual brick and help build homes for people with a disability in Bundaberg.

The Carinbundi Foundation was established in 2018 to provide quality, affordable homes for people living with a disability in Bundaberg.

Carinbundi Coordinator Debra Phillips said the bricks will go towards new housing.

 “We are getting ready to commence building two new houses in Bundaberg and these will become homes for local people living with a disability,” Debra said.

“By buying a brick as a special Mother’s Day gift, it will go towards the building of these two houses.”

The Carinbundi Foundation’s Buy-a-Brick campaign for Mother’s Day follows on from successful campaigns for both Father’s Day & Christmas.

People can go online, buy a virtual brick for their Mum and they will be sent an e-card. 

“It’s so simple and you don’t even have to leave home which is perfect as most people are self-isolating.

“By donating to the Carinbundi Foundation, people are supporting locals who support local people living with a disability. 

“The money raised in Bundaberg stays in Bundaberg – down to employing local builders and trades for our two new homes.   

“In our current environment, people want to know they are supporting locals and keeping locals in jobs.”

For more details go to the Carinbundi Foundation website.

Carinbundi Foundation
The Carinbundi Foundation’s Buy-a-Brick campaign for Mother’s Day
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