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Anzac Day commemorated in Vignacourt, France

Anzac call from Vignacourt – France – Somme department – WW1 Western front, Back line – at the British cemetery, during the morning service, today. Tribute and respect to the Diggers by Eric – Musique de Vignacourt and Brass Band d'Amiens Solo Cornet player – Never Forget Australia ! ????????❤️????????????

Posted by Eric Brisse on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Anzac Day is happening differently across the world this year and in the small French village of Vignacourt it's no different.

Each year the small community made famous for its collection of photographic plates rediscovered in 2010 usually gathers for a dawn service and then a community gathering and march to the local cemetery. 

An Anzac Run is held around the streets and nearly 1000 people gather for an Aussie BBQ.

This year, though, it will be different as the townsfolk write to their Australian friends.

Anzac Day V
The 2018 Anzac Day commemoration at Vignacourt Cemetery. This year will be very different, with a lone bugle being played.

“Hello friends, I hope you are well!

Here the confinement continues ‪until Monday, May 11 or more!

We are in the week from L'Anzac to Vignacourt!

But the situation does not allow us to do what we wanted for the honor of Australia!

But it is not without our desire to fight against this virus. We will show that we do not forget you.

‪Saturday April 25, the bells of the church of Vignacourt will ring in the morning to commemorate, each in his house, the Anzac Day!

‪Sunday at 10am, the clocks will sound the start of the Anzac Run.

Everyone can run, in the colors of Anzac Run, 5km in their garden or around their house for You our Australian friends!

We also hope that many musicians will play during this race. At noon, everyone will have an Australian BBQ at home.

We also hope that you can do the same at home.

We will be virtually together! There will be a lot of emotion, we are sure!

We will never forget you!

Long live Australia, Long live France!”

Nathalie Aline and Michel

A lone bugle will play at the Vignacourt Cemetery, the bells of the local church will ring and afterwards people on both sides of the world will barbecue. 

The French will even conduct an Anzac run in their own gardens and houses; the spirit of Anzac will continue.

Anzac Day Vignacourt
A young Vignacourt resident at a recent Bushfire fundraiser, holding two mascots – Billy the Aussie soldier bear and Robert the French soldier rabbit