LifestyleOlive the Burmese cat loves Bargara beach

Olive the Burmese cat loves Bargara beach

Olive the Burmese cat
Olive the Burmese cat watching the sun come up at Bargara beach.

Olive the Burmese cat and her owner Katie Matheson have fallen in love with the Bundaberg Region and adore Bargara beach.

Seven-month-old Olive is a chocolate Burmese with a peculiar feline personality. She loves to play fetch, explore in nature, going shopping and spend time at the beach. Katie says she acts more like a typical dog rather than a cat.

Olive the Burmese cat on the beach at Bargara.

Katie said Olive was her fourth Burmese cat, and that she fell in love with the breed because of their individual personalities some time ago.

“The Burmese personalities are just incredible,” she said.

“Olive loves to play fetch, go out and explore nature and shop; they are honestly more dog than cat!

“Olive is sassy but sweet. She absolutely loves people and getting out and about.”

Katie originates from New Zealand and said where she grew up cats were able to roam free, compared to places in Australia where cats are kept indoors to protect the native wildlife.

“I felt uncomfortable with forcing her to stay inside all day, so I began taking her out with me on a harness and lead,” Katie said.

“She absolutely loved it. She comes to Bunnings and the pet stores with me and loves coming out for brunch at some of the pet-friendly cafes.”

Katie said a trip to the beach with Olive would normally last about an hour or so, with Olive walking along the beach confidently, without anything scaring her off.

“Olive enjoys exploring and rolling around in the sand,” she said.

“My sister lives in See Street, (Bargara) very close to the beach, so we generally walk Olive down.

Olive the Burmese cat
Olive the Burmese cat hides in her owner Katie Matheson;s Mimco handbag.

“I have a large Mimco handbag which is Olive's safe haven. She’s been using it since she was a teeny kitten, so I often have her in that until we get to the beach and then she walks home on her lead.

“Unlike dogs, you don’t walk the cat, the cat walks you, so it can be a very slow walk home!” 

The pair live on the Gold Coast and were in the Bundaberg Region helping Katie’s sister Samantha and her partner Linden, settle in at Bargara after moving from New Zealand for work.

“We love the beach in Bargara because it’s so calm and quiet,” she said.

“We visited for the first time and absolutely fell in love; it was just picturesque.

“The people were just beautiful, so friendly, kind and welcoming. It quickly became our favourite little seaside town.”

Katie said once the weather started to warm up again, she would give Olive the Burmese a chance to learn to swim at the ocean.

To follow the adventures of Katie and Olive the Burmese, check out their Instagram page.