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Important to tell your story during COVID-19

Arts Bundaberg The Space Between
Cr John Learmonth at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, inviting people to tell their story anonymously during COVID-19

A Council project titled The Space Between has been launched on the Arts Bundaberg website so Bundaberg Region residents can chronicle their feelings while the coronavirus pandemic impacts their lives.

Bundaberg Regional Council Manager Arts and Cultural Services Rod Ainsworth said it’s vital that everyone feels they have a voice.

“Having been involved in community recovery before, I know how important storytelling will be at the right time,” Rod said.

“People are just getting through this the best they can at the moment, but there will be a time where storytelling is really important as we start to come out of the pandemic shut downs and assess the full impact on our lives.

“The benefits of us coming together as a community through storytelling and the arts are well demonstrated.

“We wanted to create a platform now so that people can start telling their stories whenever they’re ready.”

Arts, Culture and Events portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said The Space Between would be important to chronicle people’s feelings.

“This is a historically significant time and it’ll be great to have an archive of people’s stories that can act as a bit of a time capsule,” he said.

“We are hoping that we might use some of the material to create arts projects within Council’s Arts and Cultural facilities.

“The stories might inspire exhibitions, theatre productions, you name it… it’s about creating a bank of oral history from which we can start the public storytelling process.”

All entries will be anonymous.

To read terms and conditions and make an entry follow the link here.

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  1. After seeing the impact on tourism sculptures and other artwork has in big cities in other parts of the world,it would be great if Bundaberg could offer a prize contest or bursary to local and other Australian talent. If Bundaberg Council could be the future owners and in charge of the placement and care of the artworks,tourism companies could encourage visitors to roam our city looking for the artwork and put us on the map with Australian and overseas people with an interest in creativity.

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