LifestyleBundaberg Quilters I-Sew-Lation quilt to keep history

Bundaberg Quilters I-Sew-Lation quilt to keep history

I-Sew-Lation Bundaberg Quilters
Bundaberg Quilters Inc executive members keep the club going firstly with a zoom meeting and then at Alexandra Park when restrictions eased. Photo: Margaret Brady, Deanna Fryar, Glenda O’Dea, Jenni Harrison, Marian Strohfeldt, Carol Ann Ferguson, Rhonda Dunning, Carol Stewart, absent Barb Bland. Photo taken by Rosemary Morris.

Bundaberg Quilters Inc members are embarking on a task to create an I-Sew-Lation quilt while COVID-19 social isolation regulations are in place.

Bundaberg Quilters Inc secretary Rosemary Morris said the I-Sew-Lation quilt would have a square, known as a block, created by each member and kept by the club as an historical piece, representing not only the individual group members but also the year 2020.

Rosemary said in March Bundaberg Quilters Inc, like all other social groups across Australia, followed the Coronavirus regulations and put their meetings on hold.

She said it had been difficult as many members relied on the social aspect of the group.

I-Sew-Lation quilt to include all members' work

She said the I-Sew-Lation quilt project was keeping the group united, and she hoped every member would be able to contribute to it.

“The idea is to make an 8-inch square block, to resemble each of the 136 members, that will then be sewn together to form the I-Sew-Lation quilt,” Rosemary said.

I-Sew-Lation Bundaberg Quilters
Bundaberg Quilters Inc made this collaborative quilt to be donated to a local charity for them to raise funds. This was to happen at their biennial exhibition in August, which has now been postponed due to COVID-19 regulations to August 2021.

“It’s not the first time we have made a collaboration quilt, we have one in Fairymead House and we also make a collaborative quilts to be donated to local charities for them to raise funds.

“But this will be the first one with all our names on it and I hope it will be a keepsake for the group.”

Bundaberg Quilters Inc members will design and create a block each with a personal touch, representing themselves in some way.

“I have a tendency to create kaleidoscope quilts, so I am sure people will know which one mine is,” Rosemary said.

“It comes down to personal choice, whether they use their favourite technique or colours, it’s will just be something that represents them.”

She said there was only one rule when it came to the I-Sew-Lation quilt and that was that each member had their block finished in time for the group’s first meeting once the COVID-19 regulations had eased on 14 July.

Rosemary said the year 2020 was shaping up to be a little different for the entire community, and she hoped the I-Sew-Lation quilt would be hung proudly at the Family Centre where the group meets for future generations to take in the history of it.