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Svensson Heights Neighbourhood Watch established

Svensson Heights Neighbourhood Watch
Cr Vince Habermann, Constable Hayden Drinnen and Pastor Kelvin Rowland, launching the new Svensson Heights Neighbourhood Watch at Bundaberg Police Station.

A new Neighbourhood Watch group will be set up in Svensson Heights to combat hoons and crime, and make the area safer and more united.

Neighbourhood Watch Bundaberg 27 (Svensson Heights) will be an online group, with Pastor Kelvin Rowland from Bundaberg Church of Nazarene in Steffensen Street the coordinator, Cr Vince Habermann the social media editor and Constable Hayden Drinnen the liaison officer.

Cr Habermann said the establishment of the group came from a need in the area.

“Svensson Heights residents, including Pastor Kelvin, raised the need for the re-establishment of the group due to the high hooning and other crimes rates in the area,” he said.

“We will be addressing the hooning and crime issues, helping make it a safer place for all residents, with the support of as many residents as possible.”

Cr Habermann said being online it will be easy for people to be part of the Neighbourhood Watch group.

“Being an on-line group, there is no regular meetings so the time commitment for members is less and it will be easier for Svensson Heights residents to be involved.”

There will be a letter box drop to all residents in the area letting them know about the group and how they can be involved.

A Facebook page and blog page will be online soon, with volunteer application forms.

A community meeting will be held once COVID-9 restrictions are lifted further.

Cr Habermann is hoping for a good response from Svensson Heights residents and is thankful of the strong committee that has been formed.

“I encourage everyone in the area to get involved and I thank Pastor Rowland for taking on the role of coordinator and providing his Church Centre as a meeting place when we are able to have meetings,” he said.

“Thanks also to Constable Drinnen for taking on the Liaison Officer position.

“We’d also like to thank Senior Constable Brittany Duncan of the Bundaberg District Crime Prevention Unit for all her work in setting up the group.”

Wendy Byrne, chairman of the Bundaberg and District Neighbourhood Watch, said it was pleasing to see the rejuvenation of an area that has not had an active neighbourhood watch group for many years.

“I hope that the Svensson Heights community get behind Kelvin and Vince and support their online Facebook page, as it is a perfect way to communicate information quickly and effectively to both local and the broader community,” Wendy said.

“On behalf of the Bundaberg and District Neighbourhood Watch, I would like to wish Kelvin and Vince every success and I look forward to working with them for our community.”

Area boundaries for the new Neighbourhood Watch can be found here.

To find out more email Pastor Kelvin Rowland bcon4670@gmail.com or Cr Vince Habermann vince.habermann@bundaberg.qld.gov.au.




  1. Good job. Now to get the old Woodgate NHW (Childers 1) back up and running. Cheers Carol Clare, ex Moreton Police District rep.

  2. The Svensson Heights NW online initiative sounds great. Just a pity that Peace St hasn’t been included in the boundary as it’s part of Svensson Heights.
    I’ve already emailed Councillor Habermann about it but maybe other streets, like Kedge St are excluded as well.

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