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Bells to ring on Wednesday for important cause

Ringing of the Bells
Charlene Savage and Corrie McColl preparing for Wednesday's Ringing of the Bells against domestic violence at the Christ Church Bundaberg

When you hear bells ringing on Wednesday 24 June in Bundaberg they will have special significance.

The Bundaberg & District Neighbourhood Centre, through the Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault Working Group, is coordinating the ringing of the bells at the Bundaberg Anglican Christ Church starting at 10am. 

The number of times that the bells will be rung will reflect the number of deaths because of domestic violence in Australia during 2019.

The community is encouraged to take a few minutes to listen to the ringing of the bells if they are in or around the town centre on the day. 

Buss Park could prove to be a suitable option for people to sit and listen while observing the social distancing rules, said Corrie McColl, Manager of the Bundaberg and District Neighbourhood Centre.

“While social distancing is still required, I invite the community to be in town or at Buss Park during the event and take the time to remember those who have suffered from domestic violence,” Corrie said.   

“The ringing of the bells coinciding with the number of deaths related to DV is one way of reminding the community that domestic violence has a huge impact in our lives and will not be tolerated, Not now, Not ever.

“This is a great example of how churches and the community can work together in partnership.”

The idea for the ringing of the bells came initially through the Neighbourhood Centre’s annual workplan funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors. 

The local Domestic and Family Violence Action Group then took up the idea and decided that this would be an effective way of letting the public know about the reality of domestic violence in our community.  

Domestic violence month is in May each year but with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to try and do something in June. 

“Domestic violence affects victims all year round but by highlighting it next Wednesday we hope to bring this important issue to the forefront,” Corrie said.

Ringing of the Bells
The team involved in Wednesday's Ringing of the Bells against domestic violence (l-r) Fr Keith Dean-Jones, Jessica Bevan, Becky Spruce, Jacinda Warner, Ann Simmons, Corrie McColl and Charlene Savage at the Christ Church.