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Celebrating Sue Day’s 48 years in nursing

Sue Day and co workers at The Friendlies.
Sue Day and colleagues at The Friendlies with their Fish Philosphy hats. Sue was instrumental in introducing the philosophy, which is aimed at creating happy individuals in the workplace, to the Friendly Society Private Hospital.

They say if ‘you choose a job you love, then you will never have to work a day in your life,' and that couldn’t be truer for Sue Day, who for the last 48 years has worked in the nursing industry.

Of those 48 years, 13 has been with the Friendly Society Private Hospital.

Within this role she has helped many people and families, as well as educate younger nurses from all over Bundaberg region.

“You get to the end and reflect over the nursing career and I couldn’t have really picked something better,” Sue told Bundaberg Now.

“When you find something that you can do that is right for you and right for the world around you, you’re lucky, and I’ve been lucky enough to do that for 48 years.”

Having arrived at The Friendlies in 2007, Sue has since gone on to manage the unit two patient rooms, after which she was promoted to the Director of Clinical Services.

As a manager, nurse and friend she is known around the hospital for her kindness and compassion with patients and staff, and of course her enthusiasm for nursing.

That enthusiasm stems from a deep passion to help people.

“When I was an 18-year-old I decided to do my nurse's training, and although it wasn’t really a calling, I’ve never regretted it for a moment.”

“It’s the people, the culture and the work – being able to help people, whether that’s your colleagues or the patients.”

Sue Day and CEO Alan Cooper
CEO Alan Cooper and Sue Day at The Friendly Society Private Hospital.

Sue has spent the last 13 years at the Friendly Society Private Hospital and will close the book on this part of her career on 30 June.

And while she’s looking forward to having more time to work in her garden, she said there will be plenty of opportunities to do some volunteer work in the background.

“I’m getting used to the idea of not going to work every, but I still love nursing with a passion and I’ll still try to be involved, perhaps on a volunteer basis.”  

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