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Firefighters tackle advanced resuscitation course

advanced resuscitation course
Calavos Rural Fire Brigade’s Ashley Sonntag and James Marsman completing the practical component of the advanced resuscitation course.

Rural firefighters in the Bundaberg Region may be enjoying a drop in operational tempo during winter but that does not mean they stop increasing their capabilities as members tackle the advanced resuscitation course.

Tirroan Rural Fire Brigade hosted an advanced resuscitation course at the weekend with the goal of making the volunteers even more capable of saving life.

The participants received training in CPR, how to administer oxygen and the use of automatic external defibrillators.

Calavos Rural Fire Brigade’s James Marsman said the advanced resuscitation course gave him extra skills he might need on the fireground, at home or even out in public.

“Helping people when they are in need is why we, as volunteers, do what we do,” James said.

“Learning these techniques gives us the ability to help in a more enhanced capacity.”

Those firefighters who received the training will now have the added equipment on their appliances to make sure their fellow crew members, and the public, have access to more advanced life-saving first aid if they need it.

The advanced resuscitation course training at the weekend is just a small part of what the Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteers do while the bushfire risk is lowered.

New members to the service have been undertaking Firefighter Minimum Skills (FMS), and Firefighter Advanced Skills (FAS) at various stations in the area since COVID-19 restrictions on training had eased.

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