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Bundaberg Now weekend sports report

Brothers-Aston Villa
Brothers-Aston Villa players Matt Hindmarch and captain Jaryd Bennier with coach Mal Cooper

PLAYING in memory of much loved clubman and friend, Wayne Hart, who passed away suddenly earlier in the week; and powered by a Lachlan Scarborough double, Brothers-Aston Villa claimed a season-defining 4-2 victory over fellow contenders United Park Eagles in their Football Wide Bay Premier League fourth round clash at Martens Oval on Saturday night.

Villa however remain one point behind joint leaders Across The Waves and Bingera who each maintained their unbeaten records with wins over Bargara 6-1 and KSS Jets 4-1 respectively.

In AFL Seniors, Across The Waves Eagles were brought crashing back to earth, suffering their first loss of the season, being blown away by their hosts and reigning premiers Bay Power 9.12 (66) to 2.6 (18).

However, in hockey, the Waves Cities’ men’s juggernaut rolled on with a 4-0 victory over Arrows/Athletics.

The Bundaberg Junior Rugby League season kicked off on the weekend and in under-18, last year’s beaten grand finalists Waves Tigers were edged out by Wallaroos 18-16 in Maryborough, while Wests Panthers looked good with a 46-6 demolition of defending champions Hervey Bay Seagulls at Salter Oval on Sunday afternoon.

Here are all the local scores from the weekend:

AFL, Wide Bay


Bay Power 0.3, 1.7, 3.10, 9.12 (66) defeated Across The Waves Eagles 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.6 (18).

Bay Power Goal Kickers. T. Bennetts 2, J. Fredericks 2, C. Horne 2, L. Whitehurst, J. Wheeler, M. Antoney.

Bay Power Best Players. D. Alexander, T. Bennetts, C. Horne, T. Burch, J. Stothard, D. McGreevy.

Across The Waves Goal Kickers. B. Wright, J. Forrestall; Best Players: K. Williams, D. Nelson, J. McInerney, T. Dart, D. Wood, C. Welsh.

Hervey Bay Bombers 1.4, 4.7, 7.11, 7.19 (61) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 0.0, 4.0, 4.0, 5.0 (30).

Hervey Bay Goal Kickers. L. Hodgetts 2, J. Barker, J. Feben, T. Kettle, B. Wex, M. Lewis.

Hervey Bay Best Players: T. Baldwin, L. O'Toole, G. Hayles, L. Hodgetts, J. Feben, L. Woodhams.

Brothers Bulldogs Goal Kickers. D. Spann, J. Conder, A. Rendell, D. Keam, J. Baulch.

Brothers Bulldogs Best Players: H. Hodgson, A. Rendell, J. Sickerdick, J. Conder, T. Taylor, M. Lovett

Reserve Grade:

Maryborough 1.6, 2.9, 4.9, 8.21 (69) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0).

Maryborough Goal Kickers: S. Stewart 2, C. Langfeldt 2, N. Simpson, S. Stiefler, K. Collett, L. Magin.

Maryborough Best Players: J. Gouge, L. Magin, C. Langfeldt, N. Simpson, C. Brownrigg.

Bay Power 1.4, 5.5, 6.5, 8.8 (56) defeated Across The Waves Eagles 2.2, 4.2, 6.5, 8.5 (53).

Bay Power Goal Kickers. D. Bunyan 2, D. McGreevy 2, M. Sunderland, J. Sunderland, K. Bugeja, L. Williams.

Bay Power Best Players. K. Bugeja, D. Bunyan, N. Lees, C. McCormack, D. McGreevy, S. Dwyer.

Across the Waves Goal Kickers. K. Perry 2, T. Laycock 2, D. Foggo 2, J. Johnson, L. Price;

Across the Waves Best Players. T. Jater, D. Paterson, J. Hayhoe, J. Johnson, M. Worthington, N. Wood


Across The Waves Bundaberg 1.5, 4.9, 6.10, 9.13 (67) defeated Bay Power 1.0, 1.0, 5.0, 5.1 (31).

Across the Waves Goal Kickers. N. Creighton 2, H. Schneider 2, J. Quinn, J. Booth, C. Davis, M. Jonsson-Harlacz.

Bay Power Goal Kickers. M. Mcgreevy 2, R. Craig, N. McCarthy, L. Williams.

Bay Power Best Players: L. Williams, N. McCarthy, M. Guy, M. Antoney, J. Agius, A. Mason.

Hervey Bay Bombers 20.10 (72) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 2.0 (12).

ATW Eagles 12.13 (85) defeated Bay Power 1.3 (9).

Under-12:Brothers Bulldogs 5.9 (39) defeated Hervey Bay Bombers Black 2.3 (15).

Bay Power 4.4 (28) defeated ATW Eagles 3.1 (19).

Football, Bundaberg.


UPE Black 3 (Roger Hunter 3) defeated UPE White 1 (Alex Ngo).

ATW 8 (Ben Mathison 4, Preston Cox, Peter Bock, own goal) defeated SC Corinthians 0.

BAV 3 (Jake Brough, Casey Smith, Jesse Sommer) defeated Diggers 1 (Todd Bray).


UPE Black 8 (Taylor Stumer 7, Jacinth Haster) defeated SC Corinthians Lionesses 0.

Diggers 4 (Chenae Watson 2, Kelsie Havers, Cloee Wells) defeated ATW Saints 0.

ATW 12 (Illiana Barazza 3, Tayla Zielke 3, Olivia Zunker 2, Caitlin Crozier, Korrin Stirrat, Nicole McElhinney, Lily Thatcher) defeated Bingera Cutters 0.

UPE 6 (Taryn Gollschewsky 2, Sarah Bretag, Emily Ryan, Tia Doyle-Brockfield, Sophie Zipf) defeated Bingera 0.

ATW United 6 (Emma Trudgian 5, Tayla Lankowski) defeated Bargara 0.


UPE Black 13 (Luke Darcy 5, Ryder Markey 2, Jordan Baker, William Bath, Liam Drew, Asher Markey, Akil Ulahannan, own goal) defeated UPE Purple 0.

SC Corinthians Gladiators 6 (Oluwatomisin Biya, Scott Black, Caiden Brown, Joshua Timbrell, 2 own goals) defeated UPE White 0.


UPE 13 (Finlay Bath 5, Harrison Nasso 4, Tyler Ferguson 3, Ankur Dahal) defeated ATW Saints 0.

ATW Hot Spurs 14 (Zye Corey 3, Weston Giovannoni 3, Lily Thatcher 2, Maxwell McMillan, Jayden D’Addario, Tino Giovannoni, Casey Simpson) defeated Bargara 0.


UPE Black 3 (Marek Cooper, Cohen Palmer, Xavier Ulbl) defeated Bingera 2 (Alex Wedel, Kaelan Meech).

ATW Saints 2 (Tino Giovannoni, Matthew Grima) defeated BAV 0.

Wide Bay League.


ATW 6 (Dylan Shackley 3, Bryce Hibberd 2, Callum Hillier) defeated Bargara 1 (Riccardo Gastaldello).

BAV 4 (Lachlan Scarborough 2, Michael Stayte, James Stromquist) defeated UPE 2 (Joshua Adcock, Jake Davis).

Bingera 4 (Robert Cull, Joel Haack, Gary O’Donnell, Daniel Watson) defeated KSS Jets 1 (Lachlan Lakin).

Sunbury 9 defeated Diggers 1.

League 2:

Bingera 1 (own goal) drew KSS Jets 1 (Hunter Dunn).

ATW 4 (Joshua Mason 2, Jordan Poole 2) defeated Bargara 2.

UPE 5 (Nick Maas 4, Padraig Pagliano) defeated Tinana 4 (Caleb Parry, Luke Whittaker, Simon Wood, own goal).

Hockey, Bundaberg.

In hockey, the Waves Cities’ men’s juggernaut rolled on with a 4-0 victory over Arrows/Athletics.


Raiders Rovers 6 (Stella Dwyer 3, Ava Baldry 2, Silvana Silvestro 1) defeated All Blacks 0.

Arrows Athletics 2 (Tully Dorgan 2) defeated Waves Cities 1 (Brock Green).


Waves Cities 2 (Sophie Castelli 1, Ryan Consen 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0.

Arrows Athletics (Tully Dorgan 3, Charlie Dove 1) defeated All Blacks 1 (Kalen Wilke).


Waves Cities 2 (Harrison Baldwin 2) defeated Arrows Athletics 0.

All Blacks 6 (Isaac Wales 4, Kalen Wilke 2) defeated Raiders Rovers 4 (Riley Howard 1, Zoe Wallace 1, Emma Kendall 1, Mikayla Sandwell 1).


Raiders Rovers 3 (Susan Kendall 1, Hailey Kendall 1, Amy Kirk 1) defeated All Blacks 1 (Aimee McGill).

Waves Cities 4 (Sarah Quaite 2, Milee Flanders 1, Sarah Pohlmann 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 1 (Krysten Green).


Raiders Rovers 2 (Peter Vowles 1, Josh Crow 1) defeated All Blacks 1 (Nathan McGill).

Waves Cities 4 (Adam Harradine 2, Ethan Rach 1, Callum Turner 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 0.

Rugby League, Bundaberg.


Wallaroos 18 defeated Waves Tigers 16 (Matt Nejman 2, Jackson Lee tries; Joel Cox 2 goals).

Wests Panthers 46 (Brendan Grills 2, Isaiah Bullard 2, Lochlan Modrow, Jensen Deamer, Joel Baldwin, Flynn Purkis, Damon Qualischefski tries; Joel Baldwin 4, Marcus Tanner goals) defeated Hervey Bay Seagulls 6 (Heath Peel try, David Woodbridge goal).


Bundaberg Grizzlies 18 (Zander Kerr 2, Trey Kerr, Harrison Brough tries; Zander Kerr goal) defeated Hervey Bay Seagulls 12 (Darnell Murray, Michael Cross, Harry Arms).

Wallaroos 36 defeated Brothers 14 (Kayne Mitchell, Bradley Shorter tries; Wil Simmons goal).


Brothers 56 (Ethan Brennan 4, Mitchell Sly 2, Ben Toft, Ezekiel Monckton, Jack Picaro, Izak Cochrane tries; Ezekiel Monckton 7, Cooper Herwig goals) defeated Easts Magpies 16 (Jason Smith, Konna Hussey, Junior Tuitoma tries; Junior Tuitoma 2 goals).

Hervey Bay Seagulls 30 (Eden Wheeler 2, Jai Ward, Jake Doyle, Harry Armstrong tries; Jonty Brien 3, Eden Wheeler 2 goals) defeated Wests 14 (Hobie Gala, Ryan Bugeja, Axle Lange tries; Ryan Bugeja goal).


Wests Panthers 36 (Cooper Black 3, Ezekiel Bullard 2, Lucas Brough, Kacy Blackburn tries; Daniel Jones 2, Lucas Brough 2 goals) defeated Hervey Bay Seagulls 4 (Noah Douglas-Denduck try).


Brothers 16 (Jomar Gustilo, Levi Monckton, Toby Collins tries; Jomar Gustilo 2 goals) defeated Hervey Bay Seagulls 12 (Charlie Roberts, Tatem Henke tries; Michael Parsgaard 2 goals).

Wests Panthers 18 (Riley Modrow, Brody Lake, Johnathon Coyne tries; Darnell Saunders 3 goals) drew Wallaroos 18 (Kohan Wallace 2, Joe Franklin, Devyn MacDonald tries; Lachlan Nitschinsk goal).

Waves Tigers 28 defeated Easts Magpies 18.

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