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CHAS Community Reference Group thanked

Members of the Bundaberg Region Hazard Adaptation Strategy Community Reference Group were thanked for their important work.

A group of residents passionate about our coastal areas have been thanked for their work as part of the Community Reference Group for the Bundaberg Region Coastal Hazard Adaption Strategy (CHAS).

Community Reference Group Chair, Cr Bill Trevor, said they had been an integral part of forming the Strategy.

“We first started this process in April 2017 and the Community Reference Group has played an active part in forming the Strategy since August 2018,” Cr Trevor said.

“They have been involved from the early days, of identifying characteristics and things they value about the coast, through to identifying key assets exposed to coastal hazards and validating the vulnerability and risk assessment process.

“They have also assisted helped define our community values and form a long term strategic vision for the management and adaptation of our coastline.”

Community Reference Group Member George Martin said it had been a very worthwhile experience.

“I've had an interest in good coastal planning since the 1970's, growing up in northern NSW,” George said

“Poor coastal development decisions back then stimulated my interest.

“Not much has changed! The recent loss of coastal residences along the central NSW coast is a timely reminder about the importance of getting coastal planning “right” – adjusting for bad decisions of the past and ensuring that in a future of rising sea levels and increasing severity of coastal storms, coastal resources are protected.

“I applaud the collaborative approach sponsored by the Queensland Government and LGAQ to support coastal councils to undertake this important work.

“LGAQ's QCoast2100 program sponsorship, backed by technical expertise at the state level provides a great “canvas” for local people to steer their own regional strategy for addressing coastal hazards.

“CRG members represent a variety of coastal stakeholders, and brought experience and reality checking to the work of Council's team as they undertook the background work to underpin the draft strategy.

“The draft strategy now provides the opportunity for wider scrutiny by the community.

“Input by community members through the public consultation phase will further strengthen the strategy, hopefully resulting in a pragmatic and workable approach to protecting the coastal resources of our region for future generations.”

At their final meeting, the Draft Strategy and Action plan was presented to the Community Reference group, prior to public release next week.

“We will be releasing the strategy on 3 August and look forward to receiving input from the community until 31 August,” Cr Trevor said.

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