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St Luke’s master plan to build brighter future

st luke's master plan
Business Manager David Reed and St Luke's Principal Craig Merritt with St Luke's students

St Luke’s Anglican School has announced a new campus master plan which aims to build a brighter future for the students of St Luke’s and the community.

St Luke’s has already obtained development approval for the first stage of the master plan, which consists of extensions and refurbishment to its Early Learning Centre, but a new proposal submitted to Council will see a new performing arts and sports centre, an upgrade to the existing upper primary Lohse centre, a new lower primary precinct building, and a new student wellness hub, cafe and staff administration space.

Principal Craig Merritt said the developments as part of the St Luke's master plan would change the face of the school.

“the ‘Our Future: Masterplan’ is the result of extensive deliberations and on-going consultations across the community and scaffolds the School’s Strategic Priorities: 2019-2022,” Principal Merritt said.

“The beautiful campus has served St Luke’s students, staff and families exceptionally well, however, education has changed considerably since the foundation of the school and the school is continuing to evolve into the future.”

The school delayed the extensions and refurbishment to the Early Learning Centre during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, work has now commenced, and this project is on track for completion by the end of the year.

Schematic design work has been completed on the Performing Arts and Sports Centre, and construction is likely to commence in early 2021, for occupancy by students in 2022.

Business Manager David Reed said ‘2020 marks a significant milestone in the history of St Luke’s Anglican School with construction to commence on the first stage of the master plan.’

“We are meeting the needs of the St Luke’s Anglican School students of today while building with the future in mind,” Mr Reed said.

St Luke's master plan development applications

st luke's master plan

St Luke’s Anglican School submitted a development application to Bundaberg Regional Council in support of the remaining stages of its master plan.

If approved, the proposed developments of the St Luke's master plan would be constructed over five stages and incorporate:

  • A new Performing Arts and Sports Centre (over two stages) incorporating a new, enclosed, purpose-built centre for performances, sports, marquee events and assemblies, with a high-performance gym, cardio room, amenities and learning areas.
  • An upgrade to the existing upper primary (Lohse Centre) to ensure learning environments provide 21st Century learning.
  • A new Lower Primary Precinct building to provide new learning areas for Preparatory, Years 1-3 and Learning Enrichment, while also becoming the new home for Primary Administration.
  • The final stage of the St Luke's master plan would consist of a student wellness hub, cafe and staff administration space, forming a ‘town centre’ for all members of our school community to gather, surrounded by the picturesque forest and nature play spaces.

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