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A resident’s smile makes it all worthwhile for Christie

Clinical nurse Christie Webb
Clinical nurse Christie Webb

Palm Lake Care Bargara is well known locally as a place where our distinguished elderly enjoy the next chapter of their lives in a warm, welcoming, safe and secure, upmarket environment.

Christie Webb is a clinical nurse at Palm Lake Care Bargara. In her role, Christie oversees the nursing staff, ensuring they receive the complete support they need to go about their important daily care tasks.

She is well-placed to be in the clinical nurse’s role – Christie started with Palm Lake Care in 2016 as a graduate registered nurse and through her passion, loyalty and dedication to her trade has worked her way up to her current position.

“During my training at university, my original goal was to become a midwife,” Christie admits.

“But when I gained employment here at Palm Lake Care after graduating, this aged caring community really just blew me away. It is so rewarding to look after our residents.

“Since I’ve been here, Palm Lake Care has definitely fostered my learning.

“I love the residents, the staff and I especially love the job. It’s made me interested in continuing my studies to go even further and become a clinical nurse specialist.”

While Christie admits she’s somewhat ‘off the tools’ these days, there’s nothing that satisfies her more than when she’s with the residents and their families.

“I’m very passionate about palliative care and do what I can to advocate for those residents and support their families,” Christie says.

“I always try to put myself in those families’ positions, as it helps me understand how we can best care for their special family members in their time of need.”

Growing up at Burnett Heads and now based at Elliott Heads, Christie gets emotional when telling stories about her most memorable residents. For example, there was one young-ish resident who came to Palm Lake Care Bargara after a stroke.

At the time, he was unable to speak or eat independently and was bedridden. Through 18 months of rehabilitation, under Christie’s team’s unwavering support, this gentleman has learned to speak again, eat normal meals and just weeks ago was deemed strong enough to leave his bed.

With his devoted and very grateful wife watching on, Christie and her nursing staff were able to take the man on his first wheelchair ride, out into the fresh air and sunshine. He was crying with joy, just to be able to put on his shoes and venture outside, with the help of the Palm Lake Care nurses.

“The staff all had tears of happiness for him as well – that was one emotional day,” Christie smiles.

“That’s the kind of thing that makes me really satisfied in my job – to be able to give people a better quality of life. My favourite part is just seeing a resident smile.”

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