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St Luke’s buggy build turns heads

Dune Buggy
St Luke’s Anglican School Year 12 students launched their working, driveable buggy last week.

St Luke’s Anglican School Year 12 students launched their working, driveable buggy last week.

After a full term spent building it, test pilot and school principal Craig Merritt suited up and took the buggy for a debut drive around the school.

Industrial technology teacher, Mr Goodchap spearheaded the project and said the working driveable 305cc, 10HP petrol buggy was a testament to the students' work.

“We were looking for a cross-curricular project for the term one Year 12s and it was suggested that we refurbish a caravan,” Mr Goodchap said.

“However, with an old engine from a previous hovercraft project on-hand and the goal of keeping the Year 12s interested and motivated, a buggy was chosen as the term project.”

Despite COVID restrictions, the build was finished in record time and according to Mr Goodchap the buggy performed “flawlessly” in its first ever test drive.

“Unfortunately, COVID-19 became a precautionary concern mid-build and the project was delayed because of it,” he said.

“The students learnt a lot about brakes and clutch systems and had to build all of these from scratch and sometimes rebuild them because there were problems, at times, with the first build.

“With principal Craig Merritt as test pilot, a course was set on St Luke’s front oval and the buggy performed flawlessly.”

The buggy will remain at St Luke’s school and will remain assembled and working as an incentive and motivation for future students to build similar projects.

The entire buggy was built from the ground up, and while students relished the opportunity to build the buggy, it was the final test drive that was considered the best part for many.

“The test drive was great,” one Year 12 student said.

“After Mr Merritt had the first drive, we got to have a go on the oval as well. It was awesome.”