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Funding boost for Bundaberg Show Society

A P and I Society
Show Society president Maree See and committee member Patricia Flynn were pleased to receive a community grant of $2700 from Council.

Showtime will run a little smoother for the Bundaberg Show Society after they received funding to upgrade decade-old office equipment.

Bundaberg AP and I Society president Maree See thanked Council for the community grant of $2700, saying the funds would provide a much-needed upgrade to office equipment.

Maree said this year the annual Bundaberg Show had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 and there had been no source of income for the community organisation.

“We are really, really thankful (to receive the funding),” she said.

“Without the Bundaberg Show this year we’ve had no income, and we were all ready to go before it had to be cancelled, but of course the Show isn’t as important as people’s health.

“This funding will benefit not only our AP and I Society, but also give peace of mind to the whole community as we are able to upgrade equipment.

“Some of the computers we have are 10 to 12 years old, and they weren’t secure, so this will provide security online also.”

Council’s arts, culture and events portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said the Show was always high on community member’s list of annual events to attend.

He said it was particularly important to support organisers after the cancellation of this year’s Bundaberg Show.

“The Show is part of the Bundaberg community, and most people will have fond memories of attending the show during their life,” Cr Learmonth said.

“The AP and I society work tirelessly behind the scenes all year to ensure the local community can come together to have fun.

“I recall going to the Bundaberg Show many decades ago as a small child with my parents and what an event it was.

“It’s a great part of society and the financial support from Council will support it for future generations.”

Maree said the upgraded office equipment would help the 75 volunteers run next year’s Show a little easier.

“We are just so thankful, and we are now looking forward to 2021’s Show, which will help bring the country to the city, with Agriculture, Pastoral and Industry,” she said.