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Creativity unleashed at Milbi Magic Snip and Sip

Milbi Magic Snip and Sip
Debbie Bennett, Lyn Barton and Helen Richards busy cracking tiles at Milbi Magic Snip and Sip for the background of Milbi Magic: Archie's Beach Community Mosaics.

Creativity was unleashed at the Milbi Magic Snip and Sip community sessions as participants had a crack and shared their passion for art.

Thousands of pieces of tiles have connected to form hundreds of sea creatures and detailed life below the ocean in Milbi Magic: Archie's Beach Community Mosaics.

The magic has been happening in Paul Perry’s tucked-away garage at Bargara for almost a year now, as tiles, glass and ceramics are broken to create Milbi Magic: Archie's Beach Community Mosaics.

As the project nears the finish line, there are a few last minute Milbi Magic Snip and Sip sessions to enjoy.

Paul said stage two of the Milbi Magic project was now under way and he thanked Council and Arts Queensland for the support and funding given to assist.

“It’s been a big project,” Paul said.

“A big community project about connecting people, community and country.”

Paul said the design incorporated themes of environmental care, turtle conservation, connection to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, water catchments and connection to place and county.

“The connection to country is a key theme for the project and crucial in the artwork unique to the region,” he said.

Milbi Magic Snip and Sip
Milbi Magic Snip and Sip participant Helen Richards enjoyed her time contributing to Milbi Magic: Archie's Beach Community Mosaics with coordinator Paul Perry.

Milbi Magic Snip and Sip brings people together

Council’s arts, culture and events portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth was one of the attendees at Milbi Magic Snip and Sip on Wednesday evening.

Along with a handful of other participants he left a contribution to the community project.

“Art takes many shapes and forms,” Cr Learmonth said.

“Mosaics artwork has been around for centuries and is quite significant through history.

“It’s fantastic the Bundaberg Region will have a long-lasting project like this, I congratulate Paul for dedication to the project.”

Cr Learmonth said it was the first time he had tried his hand at mosaics, and he was honoured to be part of the community project.

“The workshops bring people who haven’t done mosaics before together, to share in conversations around art,” he said.

“The art culture here in the Bundaberg Region is extraordinary – there is always a story to tell when it comes to art, and now we can include tales that have been told in Archie's Beach Community Mosaics Fish Tales artwork.”

Milbi Magic Snip and Sip
Milbi Magic Snip and Sip participants Rachelle Norma, Gillan McCracken and Cr John Learmonth learning the ropes as first time mosaic creators.

Another first-time mosaic creator Rachelle Norman said she was excited to be out in the community and doing something worthwhile.

“This is my first time out of the house of an evening in eight years,” Rachelle said.

“I haven’t gone out on my own without my kids in that long, so I am pretty excited.”

Rachelle said she had always wanted to learn about the art of mosaic but hadn’t come across the opportunity until the Milbi Magic Snip and Sip session.

“This has definitely been a good introduction, there’s no pressure and I have built up some new skills, to help me do some projects of my own,” she said.

“And I really like the idea that I have contributed to this project, and one day I will be able to walk to this and say, ‘hey I did that’ – I think it’s lovely the whole community can put their stamp on this.”

The next Milbi Magic Snip and Sip community mosaic session will be held on Thursday, 27 August at 1pm. For more information contact Paul via Facebook or phone 0419 810 099.


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