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Time almost up for Avoca State School capsule

Avoca time capsule
Avoca State School leaders Ayla Royan, Chloe Horvath, Flynn Snell and Swarith Chand with the time capsule.

Students who were at Avoca State School in the year 2000 are being invited back for the unveiling of the school’s time capsule in November.

The capsule has been in the ground for 20 years and contains various items and paraphernalia from the year 2000.  

Principal Michael Kiss said current students were looking forward to seeing the items from two decades ago and hoped many past students would return to see the capsule opened.

“We are inviting any students who were enrolled in the year 2000, so this would include children from preschool to year 7,” he said.

“We understand that there is a mix of items in the capsule including; students work samples, letters from teachers and administrators, art work by students, a school uniform from the era, various technological items such as VHS video tapes, reel to reel tapes, floppy disks and cassettes.”

New capsule to capture 2020

Current Avoca State School students will also be contributing towards a new time capsule.

That new time capsule will be opened in 10 years when the school will hold its 50th anniversary and the current capsule will then be reburied alongside it.

School captain and grade six student Ayla Roylan said students will determine what items go into this new capsule to capture and reflect the unprecedented year of 2020.

“Every student in the school in 2020 will be given an opportunity to put in an item for the new time capsule,” Ayla said.

“My grade have decided to write a letter to future students and in my letter I have written about COVID-19 and how it affected my year as school captain.

“In my letter I have also included my experience with learning at home and some information about our present-day technology.”

Ayla said she was also looking forward to the original capsule’s opening and had always wondered what it contained.

“I have walked past the sight of the time capsule ever since I was in prep and I’m so excited to finally see what it contains,” Ayla said.  

“I look forward to returning when the new time capsule opens and remembering all the great times, I spent at Avoca state School.”

The Avoca State school time capsule will be opened on 21 November and past students are invited to attend.