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FOUND Art Trail celebrates what makes us happy

For the past week, Found Art Trail Coordinator Adrienne Williams and the Bundaberg Galleries team were busy installing art in local business windows.

For the past week, FOUND Art Trail coordinator Adrienne Williams and the Bundaberg Galleries team were busy installing art in local business windows.

The FOUND Art Trail showcases the depth and breadth of creativity in the region.

“This art project has been in the planning for a long time and it’s great to see it all coming together, but also all the works are really celebrating what makes us happy and it’s looking like a really positive project which we could all do with right now,” Adrienne said.

“What’s been really wonderful is going back to businesses and adding the artwork to their windows.

“The responses we’ve gotten have been really positive and all of them are really excited about how this will generate a bit of activity around town.

“The galleries team were pivotal to the installation. I’ve really been riding on their coattails with the installation and we’ve installed around 75 artworks across 56 businesses.”

The artworks appear on a responsive Trail Map which can be accessed on any device.

Adrienne said even if you couldn’t browse the online map, people can still take part.

“A lot of people have asked us if there is a printed map, but it’s so vast it’s just too hard to print a map,” she said.

“However, we do plan to have a list of shops where people can find things, just in case they can’t don’t have access to the online trail.”

The FOUND Art Trail was officially launched on Friday, 28 August.

On Sunday, 30 August the first Art Trail walk with your dog will take place.

“You can walk it at any time you like and if you can’t get online to use the website you can always just come in to the CBD and start looking around for the little purple shelf wobbles and big wrap signs around some of the street signs to get a sense of where things are,” Adrienne said.

“We’ve got a big trial launch on Sunday and people can wander around town and check things out and we’re really encouraging people to bring along their dogs on Sunday.”

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