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Relaxed Fridays coming to the Playhouse

Relaxed Fridays
Playhouse Theatre's Michael Dart, Trish Mears and Phil Fresta will all perform in Relaxed Fridays during September.

The Playhouse Theatre’s stage will relight with Relaxed Fridays during September, showcasing locally written productions.

Playhouse Theatre’s artistic director Bex Hutchins said as COVID-19 restrictions put a dampener on local performances it was time to think outside the box and bring the theatre to life again, but this time in a new way.

The Relaxed Fridays program includes four weeks of local talent performing home-grown entertainment in front of a small live audience of Playhouse Theatre Subscribers, which can also in viewed from people’s homes online.

“Each night there is at least one or two new performances that have been written by our members,” Bex said.

“This way we are not breaking any copyright laws, but we are getting something out to the community.”

Bex said the plays were of various styles, including a mockumentary written by Phil Fresta, Looking for Love in a Pandemic written by first-time playwright Trish Mears, and a verbatim script written by Bex herself.

“We will also have some bush poetry, singers on another night including Stella Hutchins whose song was released on Monday, Michael Dart will also be singing; these are faces that our audience will know,” she said.

“It’s about thanking our supporters, for those who bought Mamma Mia tickets and even though that has been postponed we really want them to know we thank them for being patient.

“Even though this is not the amazing production they were wanting to see, at least know that we are feeling the pain with them, and we are doing the best we are doing the best that we can with small-scale casts.”

Bex said Relaxed Fridays performers would face a little challenge that could end in positive way, as the acts were all script-in-hand due to COVID-19 restrictions in place during rehearsals.

Michael Dart will perform on stage during Relaxed Fridays. He said the Playhouse Theatre members had been flexible and agile during the COVID-19 period and this was a prelude to getting back on track.

“It’s a really good thing the committee is doing to try and make sure they can supply content, and also support local artist during this period,” he said.

“It is quite possible that some of these plays will go on to be developed further, and that’s a great thing for the town.”

Relaxed Fridays at the Playhouse:

4 September: Looking for Love in a Pandemic

Written and directed by Trish Mears

Cast: Phil Fresta, Michael Dart, Bex Hutchins.

Shakespeare’s Women

Directed by Bex Hutchins

Songs from Michael and Reese Dart, and Ben McDonald.

11 September: A Word in Private

Written and directed by Jan Sullivan

Cast: Pegg and Des Gellert, and Trish Garson

18 September: Australia’s Wide World of Culture

Written by Phil Fresta

Cast: Sherry Barnes, Thomas Lawton, Alana Clark, Isabella Stokes, Lester Lewis, Kyle Scheider and Bex Hutchins.

The Man from Snowy River

Performed by Phil Fresta

Taking a dig at Mother

Performed by Trish Mears and Trish Garson

Four Yorkshire Men

Four Candles

Songs by Stella Hutchins and Christie McLucas

25 September: The Anniversary

Written by Sue Sargent

For more information about Relaxed Fridays check out Playhouse Theatre's Facebook page.