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Australian Defence Force recruiting for rewarding roles

Australian Defence Force
The Australian Defence Force is looking for new recruits.

If you are itching for adventure or a new career, The Australian Defence Force will be holding two career information sessions in Bundaberg on 9 and 21 September.

The Bundaberg Defence Trade Careers Information Session will be held on 9 September at the Bundaberg Multiplex and, a week later, the Bundaberg Careers for Indigenous Australians Information Session will be held on 21 September, also at the Bundaberg Multiplex.

Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) Nathan Sandow said the Defence Force Recruiting information sessions covered the benefits of a career within defence, the recruitment process, and the opportunities on offer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders looking to join the Navy, Army and Air Force.

“The ADF offers world class vocational training opportunities,” Warrant Officer Sandow said.

“You can set yourself up for the future while being paid to develop technical and management skills and put both into practice undertaking interesting and varied work.”

“The ADF also have career options to suit people with broad ranging backgrounds, skill levels and interest. And, there are opportunities for Indigenous Australians of all ages.” 

Warrant Officer Sandow said there were a range of roles available for indigenous Australians.

“The ADF has a strong Indigenous community that includes liaison officers, mentors and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander network which individuals can reach into for support and guidance,” WO2 Sandow said.

“Indigenous Australians serve as both officers and other ranks and make an important contribution to ADF capability across a wide range of roles, in particular with the Regional Force Surveillance Units (RFSU’s).”

“The RFSU’s are a unique unconventional unit whose mission is to conduct long reconnaissance and surveillance patrols in the remote areas of Australia. Historically the units utilised Aboriginal trackers and now rely on the Indigenous RFSU Soldier’s unique skills of patrol, pathfinding and outback survival in defence of the nation.”

Warrant Officer Sandow said that he enjoyed the diversity of the ADF working environment, as well as the travel opportunities available.

“I was looking for a stable career that was different from normal day to day life and something that would be both rewarding and challenging.

”Through my career I have had the opportunity to travel, make lifelong friends and make a real difference at home and overseas.”

To RSVP to the Bundaberg Defence Trade Careers Information Session go to:  https://www.defencejobs.gov.au/events/event/QX8KX1W

For the Bundaberg Careers for Indigenous Australians Information Session go to: https://www.defencejobs.gov.au/events/event/SS7DH8P

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